Give It (Back) to Me: What You Want From Marketing

Last week’s post found us chatting about some of the crucial pieces of information that revenue managers can share with their marketing department. Demand forecasts, pricing, competitive set information, booking pace and transaction-level data all contribute to the overall success of your marketing department, their campaigns and metric evaluation. This discussion inevitably flips the conversation […]

Give It to Me: What Marketing Wants From You

As a revenue manager, you probably ask yourself a variety of questions ranging from how to secure profit increases for your business to finding ways to provide the right price to the right customer at the right time. It might be comforting for you to know that you have an internal ally in this endless […]

Changing the Game of Education

In my college days*, the only games students were found playing typically involved red Solo cups, ping pong balls or precious hours invested in Halo or Madden NFL (versions 1-16, you can pick any relevant version here.) Interactive games were rarely utilized to enhance the hospitality & tourism learning experience in the classroom. Time spent […]

Making a Change Doesn’t Need to Be Risky to Your Business

Who doesn’t love the concept of a “do over”? You get the opportunity to do [insert any activity here] over without the first effort counting against you. In golf, it’s referred to as a “mulligan” – if your first shot is terrible, put down a second ball and forget about that first hit (wait, what […]

Have You Looked at Your Rates Lately?

Hoteliers are increasingly using analytical approaches in determining optimal rate spectrums that are based on the price sensitivity of demand and the capacity of distribution. For example, a resort hotel with strong weekend business needs to know how to drive demand into the weekdays – by both season and by market segment. To efficiently achieve […]