Watching an Evolution

Last week’s revenue management webinar, “Growing Your Capabilities as the Industry Grows,” with Paul Van Meerendonk, senior manager of IDeaS Advisory Services, focused heavily around the evolution of hotel revenue management throughout its history – and where our industry is headed into the future.

Everyone Wants a Gold Star

It has been some time since anyone gave me a gold star, but the feeling that goes along with receiving recognition of an achievement never gets old.

Behind the Scenes With: Linda Hatfield

As the Vice President of Knowledge Management for IDeaS Revenue Solutions, Linda Hatfield provides leadership for the planning, development and delivery of both external and internal learning products across all IDeaS solutions. Linda and her team have been transforming the learning experience through innovative design, technology and delivery systems.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup: It’s a Numbers Game

Rugby World Cup by the Numbers: 52 games. 20 countries. 13 venues. 2.2 million tickets. 133,000 international visitors.* The stakes are higher than ever. Your competition is cutthroat & fierce. You’ve mapped out your revenue challenges. Have you chosen your winning revenue management team? *Based on estimations for the 2011 Rugby World Cup

Are You Drafting Your Best Weekly Strategy?

The recent kick-off of the American football season and the impending kick-off of 2015’s Rugby World Cup brings sports into the forefront of the news this week. For the United States, specifically, this also signals the time of year when American football sports fans unite (or better yet, divide) in expressing their faithful team loyalty.

Five Tips to Practicing Total Revenue Performance

The competitive landscape in today’s hospitality industry is more intense than ever. Hoteliers need new ways to differentiate themselves in the eye of the customer to provide world-class service, while still driving profitability across every segment and business unit.

Behind the Scenes With: Sanjay Nagalia

Sanjay Nagalia holds over 20 years of experience in product development experience. As the head of development and operations for fast-growing global organizations, he has provided executive leadership on all aspects of product development, implementation and support.

How Deep Can Your Hotel’s Pockets Go?

Remember that old rumor about hotels coming cheap? No? Yeah, I don’t either. Between huge capital expenditures, construction costs and ongoing reinvestment, hotels routinely find themselves making large investments and managing their fiscal operations closely to ensure their continuing existence. For hotels (among many other businesses), the ultimate objective is to increase their value through […]