A Journey to Discover

By , Director of Enablement & Engagement

My journey to Discover starts at a sewing machine. 

  • The way we learn has evolved
  • It’s time to change the way we teach and train
  • Introducing Discover, a new learning experience for IDeaS clients

A couple summers ago, I was teaching my teenage daughter to sew. She wanted to make her own skirt, and we’d completed every step in the process with me as coach and her as student. Then, we arrived at the blind hem, and I blanked. I had completely forgotten how to do it. 

“Hold on just a minute,” I told her. I ran into another room to find my user manual. I knew my trusty (and dusty) old book would show me the right settings and steps. 

It took about five minutes for me to locate my manual, find the correct page, and get back to my daughter. I came back feeling confident. “Found it!” I declared. 

To my surprise, my daughter beamed back up at me, holding a perfect, complete blind hem. Beside the sewing machine, she’d propped up her mobile phone, did a voice search on YouTube for “sew a blind hem on a Singer,” and followed the steps in the video. 

My dusty user manual seemed suddenly irrelevant. My daughter, like many people newly entering the workforce, expects just-in-time, bite-size learning snippets—not clunky user manuals. 

Since then, I’ve been in pursuit of what’s next. It’s time to change the way we teach and train. 

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Over the last 18 months, our team at IDeaS has taken a critical look at what the changing workforce expects from our training experience—and realized we needed to change, too. Enter Discover, an entirely new learning experience for our clients. Discover is powered by a concept called microlearning—short bursts of just-in-time, highly contextual content on an ongoing basis.

We’re in the process of removing the arduous hours of mandatory training—we’ve heard our clients; lengthy training and requirements can get in the way of an implementation or change-management efforts. Trend analysis continues to point in the same direction: traditional training gets in the way of retaining talent in talent-shortage or high-turnover environments. And realistically, the workforce of tomorrow expects nothing less than on-demand. 

I invite you to explore Discover, and if you aren’t yet a client, find a microlearning experience and see the difference. I find myself going to YouTube for everyday tutorials more and more; I have my daughter to thank for that. I’m excited about how we can enable and engage better with microlearning and anxiously await the innovations the new workforce brings with them.

Sarah Green Toews
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Director of Enablement & Engagement

Sarah joined IDeaS in 2017, adding her lifelong curiosity about motivating others and deep passion for software to the team. As Director of Enablement & Engagement at IDeaS, Sarah leads the thinkers and innovators who relentlessly advocate for and build a better user and client experience—from the moment you first set up software onward.

Sarah brings nearly two decades of learning, development, and change management experience to IDeaS—in software companies large and small, as well as corporate settings. Her diverse background allows her to draw from a wide range of case studies and apply best practices from an array of experiences.

Sarah holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Change Leadership from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also holds a certificate in Human Organization Development from the Adler Graduate School in Minneapolis, MN. She lives in her native Northeast Minneapolis with her husband, three children, and two corgis.

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