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As odd as it may sound, healthy weight management and healthy revenue management share many similarities. They both produce spectacular results when a proven strategy… Read More >

Step back in time for a moment to your middle-school chemistry class. Many kids are familiar with a classic experiment that combines vinegar and baking… Read More >

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The parallels between fashion, laundry and revenue management are uncanny. Look at yourself in the mirror. See that carefully curated ensemble you’re wearing? See all… Read More >

Meet Curtis. Curtis is a 35-year-old construction worker. Curtis frequently travels to offsite work projects, requiring accommodations for up to six weeks. His most recent project… Read More >

Remember that old rumor about hotels coming cheap? No? Yeah, I don’t either. Between huge capital expenditures, construction costs and ongoing reinvestment, hotels routinely find… Read More >

Six degrees of separation is a long-standing theory of Frigyes Karinthy that suggests that everyone is six relationships (or less) away from another person in… Read More >

Using different revenue management systems can seem similar to selecting a different type of vehicle to drive. Last year, you were driving a standard Chevy… Read More >

Through the establishment of IDeaS in 1989, Dr. Mehrotra pioneered the “Opportunity Cost” approach that later became the industry standard for dealing with the complexities… Read More >

You’ve read our recent posts about what you need to give to marketing and what marketing needs to give to you. You’re super pumped up… Read More >

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Sisyphus Blog

Financial Forecasts & Budgets in Today’s Environment

Hotels | August 3, 2020

With continual moving targets, shifting guidance, and volatile markets, hotel forecasting and budgeting has become borderline Sisyphean.

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Revenue Next: 3 Questions

3 Forward Questions—For a Commercial Performance Expert

Hotels | July 29, 2020

Welcome back to 3 Forward Questions—a series in which I invite renowned hotel industry leaders to answer a trio of future-looking queries about the ever-changing field of revenue management.

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