Hotel RMS Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Key Considerations for Commercial Success


How Fit Is Your Revenue Management Strategy?

As odd as it may sound, healthy weight management and healthy revenue management share many similarities. They both produce spectacular results when a proven strategy… Read More >

Car Park Systems: A Powerful Combination

Step back in time for a moment to your middle-school chemistry class. Many kids are familiar with a classic experiment that combines vinegar and baking… Read More >

RMS Must-Have Features: Demand Forecasts & Guest Demand Patterns

Think about being a parent for a moment. There are things your kids have in common, but they likely have their own unique preferences and… Read More >

The Science of Clean Laundry & Revenue Management

The parallels between fashion, laundry and revenue management are uncanny. Look at yourself in the mirror. See that carefully curated ensemble you’re wearing? See all… Read More >

Extended Stay Properties: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Meet Elaine. Elaine is a quality assurance manager. Elaine doesn’t like to divulge her age. Her company sends her to different internal branches to oversee… Read More >

How Deep Can Your Hotel’s Pockets Go?

Remember that old rumor about hotels coming cheap? No? Yeah, I don’t either. Between huge capital expenditures, construction costs and ongoing reinvestment, hotels routinely find… Read More >

Six Degrees of Separation…and Bacon

Six degrees of separation is a long-standing theory of Frigyes Karinthy that suggests that everyone is six relationships (or less) away from another person in… Read More >

Driving Revenue With Dr. Ravi: What’s Under the Hood of Your RMS?

Using different revenue management systems can seem similar to selecting a different type of vehicle to drive. Last year, you were driving a standard Chevy… Read More >

Behind the Scenes With: Dr. Ravi Mehrotra

Through the establishment of IDeaS in 1989, Dr. Mehrotra pioneered the “Opportunity Cost” approach that later became the industry standard for dealing with the complexities… Read More >

Oh, No. Not Another Meeting.

You’ve read our recent posts about what you need to give to marketing and what marketing needs to give to you. You’re super pumped up… Read More >

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