Luke Davis

Luke Davis is a product team leader passionate about solving problems by working hand-in-hand with clients to identify what they need, not just take orders for what they want. Pragmatic Product Management Certified and a Certified ScrumMaster, Luke has a long track record of executing, iterating, and kicking out truly game-changing tech. Outside IDeaS, Luke can be found hanging out with his family, walking his massive Great Danes, playing board games, and painting miniatures for war games.

Holiday Hotel

’Tis the Season for Hotel Pickup & Promotions

Keep your finger on your property’s pulse without breaking a sweat this holiday season.

Rubiks Head

How to Be a Problem-Solving Revenue Investigator

IDeaS reveals new game-changing innovations that turn complex data puzzles into coordinated solutions, giving clients more clarity, control, and confidence.

IDeaS Optix User

Introducing IDeaS Optix – Big-Picture, Multi-Property Revenue Intelligence

IDeaS’ latest innovation gives time-crunched hoteliers a quick, clear view of revenue performance, from single properties to entire estates. 

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