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A Q&A with Audrey Murante, director of global alliances & initiatives at IDeaS and newly appointed board member of HEDNA

How do you see the future of partnerships at IDeaS?

I would describe our future focus on partnerships and our partner ecosystem as becoming more integral to our organization than ever before. Mutually beneficial partnerships continue to drive real results for each organization and, most importantly, our shared clients. IDeaS values our partnerships and credits our many successful partner relationships to our overall success. Building strategic partnerships is an ongoing initiative and part of our DNA at IDeaS. Going forward, our ability to foster agile ecosystems and rally partners to answer our industry’s challenges will be critical.

Why do you consider partnerships so essential to the success of all organizations?

Hospitality and parking clients are looking for integrations to allow for seamless access and the sharing of data across multiple systems and platforms. We therefore need more and more collaboration with our partners to match our client’s engagement and vision for the future and, ultimately, save our clients time with easy access to data and decisions.

How has IDeaS’ view of partnerships changed over the last several years?

Well, I joined IDeaS almost a year ago now, and I would have to say it’s more about changing how we approach partners and how we view our relationships. Partnerships are vital to our success, and we recognize and value the importance of working together to solve problems for our mutual clients.

IDeaS is the industry leader in revenue management and price optimization; however, we need our partners to provide us with their own expertise so we can become stronger, together—a dynamic ecosystem providing exponential value to our clients. At IDeaS, we are in the process of restructuring our partner ecosystem to strengthen our relationships and provide the best care for our clients. It’s an exciting time.

Do you see the importance of partnerships changing in the hospitality industry?

That is an easy question—Yes! Hospitality and parking industry leaders expect seamless access to all the partner platforms, as well as data. If we continue to bring value to clients and solve problems, we will continue to expand our partner ecosystem. More than ever before, we have clients introducing us to their partners to identify better ways to support the client’s initiatives.

Why is it so important to develop mutually beneficial partnerships in business today?

Simply stated, we are more successful together. We gain insights to future revenue streams when we work together. Great minds don’t all think alike. That’s what makes our industry thrive, and the best part is you can see things from a partner’s perspective and learn from them to better the relationship.Click to Tweet | IDeaS Twitter We build a “stickier” business proposition for clients.

What are some suggestions you could provide to any organization on building successful partner relationships?

The most important suggestion I would give any organization looking to start or build on a successful partnership is to continue listening. Evaluate new players entering the industry every day. Do not dismiss any possible partner without learning about the value proposition. Simply stated: Share Information! Without an open partnership, you are destined to hit a brick wall.

Audrey Murante
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Director of Global Alliances & Initiatives

Hospitality leader and innovator, Audrey Murante, brought over 30 years of industry experience and achievement to IDeaS in 2018. As Director of Global Alliances & Initiatives, she now drives the continued success and growth of IDeaS’ partner relationships.

Audrey is passionate about being a catalyst for change. With an entrepreneurial approach, she seeks new and unique opportunities to solve complicated challenges. In her 23 years directing global distribution and third-party relationships for the Radisson Hotel Group, Audrey designed key partnerships to enhance the hotel’s brand, profitability and guest satisfaction.

Audrey holds a B.S. in marketing management from Bellevue University and completed the Carlson School of Management’s Executive Leadership Program. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, she was drawn to IDeaS’ global headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the opportunity to follow a bold new path while still serving the industry she knows and loves.