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The IDeaS Identity

By , Sr. Content Strategist

A behind-the-scenes glimpse inside IDeaS

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“So, what do you do?”
– Anonymous

Despite the banality of the question quoted above, I secretly like being asked it because…I actually enjoy my work—gasps heard all around. And that seems to be the common sentiment amongst my fellow “IDeatorS,” so I decided to investigate this rare phenomenon and get to the bottom of why people like working here. To better understand, it helps to first ask the broader question: what does IDeaS do?

And with a name like “IDeaS” we could probably do just a about anything under the sun—our URL certainly attracts all walks of life. But for those who don’t know, the acronym stands for “Integrated Decisions and Systems.” Clever, right? And, maybe the full, spelled-out name is a little stuffy (fingers crossed I get away with saying that), but it’s also so true to our core mission. It says we create new solutions to better serve people, optimizing their decision-making and enhancing their existing systems. We operate where technology and hospitality intersect, delivering sophisticated revenue management software and advisory services to hotels, event centers, parking facilities and more.Click to Tweet | IDeaS Twitter

It’s a People Thing

A good deal of IDeaS’ 400-plus personnel are hotel-industry vets, bringing years of experience and insider knowledge. We’ve also got PhDs, scientists and geeks galore, handpicked from a range of tech industry and other specialty backgrounds to help advance and transform hospitality and travel businesses. You might think these differing disciplines would create an identity crisis, but it’s really a lovely, symbiotic relationship.

Each one of us has a unique skillset and area of expertise, so we all feel valued and empowered. A lot of us work out of our Minneapolis, MN headquarters as well as our Pune Technology Center in India, but we’re truly a global company with many diverse perspectives and analytical minds, well-connected but spread out across the world to serve our 10,000-plus clients in 124 countries. With offices in North and South America, the UK and Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Africa and Australia, we can boast locations on every continent except Antarctica—and I’m sure once they get a few more hotels down there, we’ll send our best people.

For the past 10 years, we’ve also enjoyed the added perk of backing from the SAS Institute, the world’s finest analytics organization. Along with leveraging SAS’ rich data technology to enhance our own solutions, being a SAS company also means we enjoy their superb employee benefit programs. They rank highly in numerous “best workplaces” lists, and SAS has even been used as a model for other companies improving their workplace standards, such as Google—perhaps you’ve heard of it?

All Ideas Welcome

As a smallish company with a largish parent company, we get the best of both worlds. And despite being around since 1989—we’re as old as the original Michael Keaton Batman movie—IDeaS still maintains a fun, inspiring startup vibe. That’s partially because our leadership team believes strongly in the power of innovation. We obviously have a business to run around here, but we’re also an incubator for ingenuity. This is a safe environment in which people can experiment, think creatively and even fail (sometimes). We also host a quarterly hackathon program called ShipIT in which cross-collaboration is encouraged from all departments to find new ways to solve customer challenges and drive our business forward.

IDeaS invented revenue science and pioneered automated forecasting and pricing. Our founder and president, Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, has the job title “chief scientist.” I hear he dreams in algorithms. From machine learning to mobile and natural-language user interfaces, we always strive to simplify and enhance the user experience. This mindset has made us the world’s largest and most trusted revenue technology provider.

So, what do I do? I get to think outside the box on a daily basis in a fast-paced, challenging environment along with a team of equally driven professionals. What more could I ask for? This is a pretty cool place to work, and that helps make us great people to work with.

Chad Andycha
Sr. Content Strategist

As a writer in the tech industry, Chad Andycha has forged a career combining his love of storytelling with his endless curiosity about our ever-changing existence and technology-enhanced lives. He currently helps manage IDeaS’ global content strategy, including thought leadership, public relations, and brand development. When he’s not arranging words on pages, he may be found exploring the woods and waters of Minnesota with his wife and daughters or biking around the Twin Cities in search of the perfect sandwich.

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