Milan Apartment Rental chooses IDeaS to maximise revenue

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LONDON, April 11, 2018 –IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and advisory services, is pleased to announce that Milan Apartment Rental has chosen IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (G3 RMS), the industry’s most widely used revenue management solution, to maximise revenue growth and boost competitiveness.

Milan Apartment Rental is an independently-run company which manages 28 serviced apartments next to Milan’s main railway station Centrale and several more apartments in various other central locations in Milan —the majority of which are short-stay or corporate accommodation. With demand fluctuating between weekdays and weekends, the owner knew that to maximise revenue, they needed to identify demand structures.

“IDeaS G3 RMS is the only system that can forecast and strategise demand for separate room types independently,” said Alessandro Wilcke, owner of Milan Apartment Rental. “The G3 RMS room class functionality allows me to automatically set prices for the different room types many months ahead—previously, I was doing this manually and working only days in advance.”

Alessandro’s previous career as a manager for a Fortune 500 company gave him the opportunity to get to know SAS® analytics software at an enterprise level, and he knew using analytical software in the hospitality sector was the key to driving growth for his fledgling business. After a review of the suppliers and each of their pricing structures, Alessandro selected IDeaS G3 RMS as the best system—both in terms of functionality and affordability—for an independent operator such as himself.

“The automation of demand forecasting and pricing will revolutionise how we operate,” Wilcke said. “Not only do we expect revenue to rise, but we will also have more free time to make the business more competitive. Strategically, this levels out the playing field and allows Milan Apartment Rental to compete with larger and better-known rivals in the centre of Milan that have more resources at their disposal. IDeaS G3 RMS is my secret weapon.”

Powered by advanced analytics, and with nearly three decades of innovation in hospitality technology, IDeaS’ solutions equip clients with a clear view of their data through pricing, forecasting and optimisation strategies, giving them greater control over their business performance.

“We are delighted that Milan Apartment Rental has chosen IDeaS G3 RMS to ensure it has a competitive advantage over its rivals,” said Fabian Specht, EMEA managing director for IDeaS. “The solution’s unique room-class functionality will be a significant advantage for Alessandro and his team moving forward.”

About Milan Apartment Rental

Milan Apartment Rental is the brand and website of Myland s.a.s. di IIIRE S.r.l. and manages 28 apartments near Milan’s main railway stations Centrale and Garibaldi with several more apartments in various other locations in Milan.

About IDeaS

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