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Extend automated revenue management beyond guest rooms.

Meetings and events business represents up to 60% of overall revenue for many hotels. Why limit your automated revenue management to guest rooms alone? By putting the first-of-its-kind IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management System to work, you’ll be well equipped to drive better revenue and improve profits for your hotel enterprise.

IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management

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  1. Forecast validation dashboard
    View expected function space utilization by day and day-part alongside key data.

  2. Demand calendar
    Visualize forecast and utilization details at a glance to quickly identify need dates or if a date or time is available for function-only business.

  3. Group price evaluation / profit optimization
    Evaluate group or event opportunities to understand displacement of guest rooms and meeting space to optimize overall profitability.

Integrated with IDeaS Revenue Management System, IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management helps to optimize profits across more of your revenue streams — everything from guest rooms and meeting spaces to food and beverage, catering, A/V equipment rental and more.

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We needed to find a solution that enhances our overall strategy, provided by a company with sustainability credentials, so IDeaS Revenue Management System continues to be the ideal solution for us. We see our future with IDeaS.

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