IDeaS dishes up sales and catering services for hotels

MINNEAPOLIS– July 17, 2013 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a SAS company and the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting to the hospitality industry, today introduced a series of new consulting services to help hotels tap into the full revenue potential of their sales and catering space. Similar to IDeaS’ consulting services for rooms, the sales and catering services follow a specific, three-step methodology for improving a client’s revenue culture, practices and capabilities in sales and catering.

“IDeaS has long been committed to helping hotel owners and operators optimize revenue,” said Brian Sterrett, vice president of global sales and marketing, IDeaS. “Given that for certain hotels group business represents 40 to 60 percent of a hotel’s revenue potential, it’s critical that hotels identify ways to maximize this stream. By bridging the gap between sales and catering and revenue management, these services will help hoteliers understand how to begin leveraging function space data and pinpoint areas for improvement.”

IDeaS’ new offering for sales and catering consists of four services and begins with the Sales and Catering Revenue Opportunity Analysis and Roadmap Development. Created for organizations with multiple properties, this service is intended to help hotel groups understand how to optimize their sales and catering processes, standards and procedures to make data-driven decisions to increase revenue. Conducted by experts from IDeaS with years of experience in the field, the service consists of a detailed, thorough review of all processes affecting the client’s revenue generation potential. Combined with IDeaS’ Sales and Catering Revenue Management Concepts Workshops, this lays the foundation for the development of a sophisticated revenue management approach to sales and catering. The next service in the series is the Sales and Catering Performance Data Analysis. Using SAS® Analytics, IDeaS analyzes the client’s historical, current and expected business volume and provides the client with a detailed set of data-driven recommendations for improving performance. The last step in the process is the Sales and Catering SOP Development service, where IDeaS will support hotel companies with developing standard operating procedures for effective revenue optimization within sales and catering. This can be supported by continued performance data analysis to drive ongoing revenue performance results in sales and catering.

“IDeaS’ new consulting services will help hoteliers fine-tune their sales and catering processes to increase revenue and drive total revenue performance,” said Sterrett. “Further, by leveraging data hoteliers already have in their systems, we can use SAS Analytics to uncover trends that most revenue management companies wouldn’t be able to uncover, thereby helping our clients find additional opportunities for revenue.”

IDeaS has more than 20 years of experience helping hospitality clients drive better revenue. As a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS, the leader in business analytics, software and service, IDeaS applies the most advanced science available to help hoteliers develop customized and practical strategies that achieve measurable results.

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