Are You Gambling with Your Revenue?

Successful casino revenue management isn’t just about being lucky or playing the hand you’re dealt. It’s about applying data-driven decisions within a proven system of hotel pricing.

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The IDeaS RMS is a dream tool that requires very little input to produce an accurate forecast, optimal rates to drive RevPAR and group evaluations that we can't live without. Yielding our gaming segment is a key and very important part of our business which IDeaS G2 RMS supports completely.

Hotel Tech Report

Hotel Casino Management Shouldn’t Mean Leaving Your Revenue to Chance.

With digital transformation at the forefront of casino revenue management, it’s time to pull ahead and maximize profits—not just for the guest room, but the entire guest experience.

Play your cards right

Make optimal strategic decisions to maximize revenues. Gain powerful insights and automatically deal the right prices to the right guests, all the time, for every stay day.

Know when to hold ‘em or fold ‘em

Leverage AI to optimize your guest segments and capture the highest revenue outcome by using advanced inventory management, channel profitability insights, and independently pricing your products.

Cash-in on all revenue streams

Break the silos and consolidate your total revenue strategy with granular insights and automated forecasts by revenue outlets such as restaurants, spas, and more. Drill down to the finest details such as guest types, meal periods, and account profiles.

Who Rolls the Dice in Revenue Management at Your Casino?

Save time by leveraging automation to optimize pricing and inventory controls. Know when to strategically allocate the right number of rooms and tailored promotions to capture the right guests with the highest total revenue contribution.

Align commercial and operations strategies with insights hidden in your data, driving loyalty and increased revenues from the right guests, while strategically managing operational costs and resources to enhance staffing efficiencies and overall profitability.

Utilize AI, automation, and an integrated tech stack to make data-driven decisions to ensure the optimal allocation of rooms for your whales (high-value guests) and set strategies to attract other guest segments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Casino hotels leverage data to price and control inventory to optimize game offerings, hotel stays, and entertainment to maximize overall revenue.

Total revenue management is where hotels or other accommodation providers leverage data and analytics to optimize pricing and offerings across all revenue generating departments (rooms, F&B, etc.) for maximum revenue.

In most cases, casinos diversify income through gaming (slots, tables), hotel rooms, function space, food & beverage options, and entertainment.

Leverage modern inventory control methods such as room type availability or length of stay, and optimize pricing beyond rooms (restaurants, spas and other revenue outlets) based on guest data and forecasts to attract high-value guests.

The hotel tech stack adapts with new controls and tools (advanced data analytics, flexible inventory controls and modern pricing techniques) to best manage modern business challenges to optimize revenue across all market segments, channels and products.

Riding the wave of AI advancement, revenue management and distribution systems optimize pricing with more precision for each product and market segment, while accounting for distribution costs, evolving trends, competitive impact and overall profitability.

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