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Change Is in the Air – Dispatch from Berlin

Main Post | March 14, 2018

Hospitality leaders gather and agree—technology is the key to survival Breaking down data silos Transforming the traditional hotel tech stack The personalization of technology Every year, in early March, while most people are shaking off the effects of winter, 10,000 exhibitors from over 180 countries gather in Berlin for ITB, the world’s largest tourism and […]

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Profit Optimization – All for one and one for all!

Main Post | March 8, 2018

The more revenue opportunities your hotel has working together, the better Revenue management used to be considered a very niche function Hotels are seeing the benefits of extending strategic revenue management principles to their ancillary streams Establish KPIs that measure areas beyond rooms to meetings and events space Today’s hoteliers face rising pressure to increase […]

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Bridging the Industry with Yuki Hu

Main Post | February 28, 2018

Advisory Services answers recent client questions about hotel revenue management Yuki Hu, IDeaS advisor in China, discusses how to get teams out of the silos and working more collaboratively—and more productively—as part of the larger organization.  Siloed teams are quite common in the hospitality industry. Often, you will see each department using their own key […]

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The Complex Simplicity of Revenue Management Systems

Main Post | February 22, 2018

No different than a child, many of us are just digging for the “Why” RMS is your GPS Our time is valuable, and it only takes one positive instance to instill trust in technology A modern RMS needs to be trusted  At last week’s Revenue by Design conference panel in London, we discussed the evolving […]

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Do revenue managers share a similar strategy with…McDonald’s?

Main Post | February 19, 2018

Or shall we call it, McRevenue? Revenue managers have made profitable investments to carve out their own path in a transformational era You aren’t hiring your mother’s revenue managers Revenue managers are now expected to deliver strategic performance insights  In the world of fast food, change could be coming. A recent article about McDonald’s speculates […]

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Can I Get That Revenue Strategy to Go?

Main Post | February 14, 2018

You’re always on the go — take your data with you The best RMS brings together all of your meaningful data into the cloud CEOs, GMs and RMs can access the information they need, whenever they need it The next UI will be no UI It only takes a few taps of a finger to […]

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Why rate management is not revenue strategy

Main Post | February 7, 2018

  “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”- Marshall McLuhan Hotel prices are a key influencer over both guest purchasing behaviors and hotel profitability Rate management can eat up hours every day and can often translate into a missed opportunity The utilization of highly-analytical revenue technology enables the revenue management team to […]

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Super Bowl, Super Event

Main Post | January 30, 2018

Are you ready for some profit? Hotels typically commit anywhere from 50-90% of their inventory at agreed upon rates Consider the total value and profitability of any group opportunities and weigh that against transient demand Capture the best length of stay reservations quickly, sometimes sacrificing rate In 2014, Minneapolis was announced as the host of […]

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Distribution Channel Strategy: The Path to Profitability

Main Post | January 24, 2018

How can your property be the most profitable? Nothing provides more opportunities than an intelligent revenue strategy Not accounting for distribution costs can have a negative impact on overall revenue management strategies Trusting, investigating and understanding RM’s underlying principles pays off in dividends in the end If attaining guests through loyalty programs, personalization and the provision […]

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