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IDeaS Revenue Solutions brings software and systems to the world’s hospitality businesses, so they can maximize revenue performance. And we’re just getting started.

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We empower clients to confidently face their greatest challenges in revenue management and achieve results. Our solutions transform data into actionable insights that save time, increase certainty, supercharge profitability, and drive long-term commercial growth.





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We believe growth and innovation comes from all levels of an organization. Our team is guided by four core values of authenticity, accountability, curiosity, and passion. Together, we’re building the future of revenue management. Learn about careers at IDeaS.

The story so far

Our Culture of Revenue Management
Over Time

IDeaS (Integrated Decisions and Systems, Inc.) began in 1989 when two revenue scientists decided it was time for a more impactful approach to revenue management. Since then, IDeaS—now owned by SAS—has transformed into a leading provider of revenue management and profit optimization software and services for hospitality organizations worldwide.

A company that wants to succeed must always be evolving. It must listen to its customers. It must look to the future and always strive to be better for its clients. Here is our history of IDeaS milestones achieved over the years.


A business is born

Two visionary computer scientists start IDeaS with the goal of helping airlines increase revenue despite unpredictable fluctuations in demand.

IDeaS - A business is born.

Early success

Major international carriers choose IDeaS to provide the world’s first network optimizer for airline revenue management, which greatly enhances bottom-line performance.

IDeaS - Early success.

IDeaS moves into hospitality

Some of the world’s biggest hotel brands sign on with IDeaS. This marks the company’s transition to supporting the hospitality industry.

IDeaS moves into hospitality

IDeaS opens offices in India

IDeaS opens its Global Technology Center in Pune, India, to help maintain 24/7/365 support and ongoing development efforts worldwide.

IDeaS opens offices in India

IDeaS solutions enter the cloud

Advances in technology allow IDeaS to make its revenue management technology accessible through the cloud.

IDeaS solutions enter the cloud

IDeaS launches flagship software

IDeaS releases its flagship software-as-a-service solution, IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS).

IDeaS launches flagship software

IDeaS opens offices in China

IDeaS opens a full-service sales, service, and support facility in Shanghai to serve a rapidly growing client base in China.

IDeaS opens offices in China

SAS® acquires IDeaS

Leveraging the technology and expertise of its new parent company helps IDeaS provide even more effective revenue management solutions that drive business results.

SAS® acquires IDeaS

IDeaS releases G3 RMS

IDeaS launches its revolutionary G3 RMS solution, which leverages the power of advanced analytics from SAS.

IDeaS releases G3 RMS

IDeaS launches RMS for mobile devices

G3 RMS from IDeaS becomes the industry’s first RMS accessible through a mobile app.

IDeaS launches RMS for mobile devices

IDeaS brings RMS to parking

IDeaS introduces revenue science to the parking industry with IDeaS Car Park RMS.

IDeaS brings RMS to parking

IDeaS introduces SmartSpace

SmartSpace provides easy access to critical business data that helps increase revenue from underutilized function space.

IDeaS introduces SmartSpace

IDeaS launches RevPlan

RevPlan helps hospitality leaders plan budgets and strategize more efficiently through automation and scientific forecasting.

IDeaS launches RevPlan

IDeaS releases Optix

Optix for G3 RMS assists revenue managers by quickly compiling booking insights and trends.

IDeaS releases Optix

On Demand Optimization for G3 RMS Implemented

IDeaS system increases flexibility through real-time rate changes for optimal revenue streams.


G3 RMS Independent Products Added

IDeaS introduces innovation, allowing hoteliers to price multiple base rates independent from each other.


IDeaS Releases G3 RMS Portfolio Navigator

Portfolio Navigator gives hotel owners a bird's-eye view of their properties and allows them to update multiple properties at once.


We transform data into higher revenue and real-world business results.


We deliver innovative analytics solutions that unleash the power of pricing to improve total revenue performance for hospitality and other select industries.

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