Restel implements IDeaS in all hotels

Leading Finnish hotel aims for increased revenue management efficiency through full adoption of IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS)



Helsinki– December 7, 2015 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and consulting services, today announced Finland’s most popular hotel and restaurant business, Restel, has implemented IDeaS RMS, a market leading revenue management system, across their entire estate. With this announcement, IDeaS technology is now employed in the three top hotel groups in Finland.

Restel’s wide and varied range of 39 hotels includes international brands such as Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn, as well as their own domestic brands Cumulus, Rantasipi and Seurahuone Helsinki. With almost 3,500 rooms across the range, Restel is one of the three leading hotel groups in Finland.

“In Finland, and across much of the Nordic countries, one of the major aspects of the latest economic recession was a significant decrease in demand for hotel rooms. In this much tougher market, we needed to look at how we could be more effective with our revenue management strategy,” explained Anni Kallioniemi, chief commercial officer at Restel. “We had already installed IDeaS RMS in half of our hotels and we could see, especially when faced with tough market conditions, how full implementation of a sophisticated, automated solution would make our strategy and its application much more efficient.”

It was clear to the leadership team at Restel that the hotels using IDeaS technology were better equipped for optimal performance. This allowed the entire estate rollout to be seen as the natural progression to harnessing a sophisticated revenue management tool to improve overall financial performance.

“With the adoption of IDeaS RMS, and the efficiencies of full automation within our revenue management function, we can plan smarter and react quicker. We are better placed to handle the market conditions,” added Kallioniemi. “IDeaS allows us to manage by exception. Items of significance are brought to the attention of the revenue managers, allowing my senior team’s attention to be focused on the areas where we can grasp more opportunity. The system drives everything else.”

“The team at Restel has demonstrated the increased value of revenue management when faced with challenging market conditions. The Group is embracing IDeaS technology to drive performance in a market that is not currently showing much growth,” said Fabian Specht, EMEA managing director for IDeaS. “What is especially exciting for Restel is that they are expanding their revenue management tools across other areas of the business, recognising the huge opportunity in driving Total Revenue Performance. With the IDeaS Consulting Services team currently supporting Rantasipi Airport Hotel & Congress Center in their implementation of IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management System, Restel is creating a strong platform to increase profitability across all hotel revenue streams.”

About Restel

Restel is Finland’s leading hotel and restaurant industry enterprise. The corporation comprises approximately 240 restaurants and 48 hotels. Revenue in 2014 was 386.2 million euros. The company employs over 5,000 hotel and restaurant professionals in Finland. Restel hotels include the Finnish Cumulus and Rantasipi chains, Hotelli Seurahuone Helsinki, international Holiday Inn hotels, Crowne Plaza Helsinki and Hotel Indigo Helsinki -Boulevard. Restaurants include BURGER KING®, O´Learys, Rax Buffet, HelmiSimpukka, Grillsson, Huviretki, Martina, Wanha Mestari and Hemingway’s as well as event restaurants. 

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