IDeaS revenue management curriculum now free to academic institutions

IDeaS continues commitment to preparing the revenue management leaders of tomorrow

MINNEAPOLIS – January 12, 2016 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and consulting services, today announced a free online program for all academic institutions that uses learning materials and demo systems to help teach revenue management in the classroom.

“IDeaS is committed to preparing the next generation of revenue management professionals and helping educators in doing so,” said Linda Hatfield, vice president of knowledge management for IDeaS. “It’s critical that students of the hospitality industry graduate ready to work in hotel management. Our Academic Partner Program will help support academic institutions across the world to ensure that a strong knowledge of revenue management will be a skill their students can carry into their professional career.”

The free Academic Partner Program includes access to the “Academic Portal,” a web-based resource hub which houses learning tools including the award-winning “Revenue Management Challenge” game, IDeaS’ pricing and revenue management solution and student tracking to support educators in the development and offering of revenue management courses.

The program aims to support what professors are currently doing in the classroom and can be incorporated into their teachings however they see fit.

“We love that the IDeaS Academic Portal is contemporary, hands-on and available at no additional cost to the students,” said Dr. Mike Sciarini, professor and department chair of hospitality and tourism management at Grand Valley State University. “This is a great and unique benefit to the hospitality and tourism management program for our students.”

The Academic Portal includes self-paced courses and lab materials designed to fit into an existing curriculum or form the basis for a new curriculum. All materials are built for cross-platform support, allowing students access via their PC or smart device. Educators are able to manage student access to the Academic Portal and have the option to provide an IDeaS certificate upon completion. The IDeaS Academic Portal provides the platform for ongoing updates to course materials, supporting the rapid pace of change within the discipline of revenue management and in IDeaS’ software solutions. Click here for more information about the IDeaS Academic Partner Program.

About IDeaS

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