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Driving Direct Bookings Through Email Marketing

Marketing | September 27, 2016

Focusing on driving more direct bookings has become a topic of great debate in the hospitality industry this year. Owners and operators alike are determined to focus efforts not only on managing the top-line revenue their strategies drive, but also optimizing the profitability for their hotels. For insight on the latest trends and email marketing […]

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Upcoming IDeaS & H2C Workshop

Events | September 20, 2016

Following the success of our recent Berlin event, IDeaS and h2c are coming together for another educational interactive workshop to discuss major changes in revenue management and distribution impacting your hotel’s success. Held at the contemporary and glamorous Mondrian London, this event provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the latest trends and best practices in the hospitality marketplace, […]

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Ideal Pricing vs. Only Pricing: Revenue Strategy Beyond Price

Pricing | September 19, 2016

Hospitality experts agree that hotels can’t maximize profitability by managing rates alone. When your revenue strategy only focuses on managing price, you can’t deliver optimal results. Managing only price works well when your inventory is not perishable; however, when it comes to hotel rates, your strategy requires a higher degree of sophistication. Let’s compare a […]

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Upcoming Webinar

Events | September 16, 2016

Join Neil Corr, senior advisor at IDeaS Advisory Services, as he partners with Siteminder & Tnooz on their upcoming webinar, “How Hotels Can Simplify their Revenue Management Strategies.” Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 11:00 US EST 16:00 London 17:00 Berlin/Paris 20:30 Delhi This free webinar from Tnooz & Siteminder covers: Reading the signs – Is your revenue […]

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Revenue Management’s Cinderella Story

Main Post | September 13, 2016

The evolution of the revenue management industry has been one of 2016’s top trending topics. As the industry propels forward with better insights and more informed strategic opportunities, there’s also been a marked shift in how the role of revenue management is positioned within the organizational structure of a hotel. It’s been evident to see […]

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Group Pricing Goes for Gold

Pricing | September 9, 2016

Remember the days when you would gather around a table and sales managers would bring their group inquiries to hash out which business to accept and at what rate? Sales managers would be anxious to take as much business as possible, F&B managers would be concerned if minimums or rental weren’t high enough, and general […]

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Limited Service Hotels Drive Profits by Outsourcing Revenue Management

Main Post | August 31, 2016

When automobile manufacturers develop a new car, they offer consumers a base model and provide multiple luxury add-ons for those who want to further customize them. That translates to options that appeal to as broad of a market as possible. However, the goal of the car manufacturer remains consistent no matter which vehicle is sold: […]

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Ideal Pricing Delivers Extraordinary Revenues

Pricing | August 16, 2016

Similar to many industry veterans, I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life working in hotels. From operations to sales & catering to revenue management, I’ve overseen branded and independent properties, ranging from 500-room luxury resorts to 80-room limited service inns. Through my experiences I can say with certainty there has never been a […]

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Six Reasons Why GMs Care About Revenue Management

Main Post | August 3, 2016

Tasked with overseeing all hotel operations, general managers (GMs) are well positioned to help their organizations drive profitability by achieving a strong culture of revenue management. Particularly in the age of total revenue management — optimizing revenue from all of a hotel’s available revenue streams, including rooms, food and beverage, spa, etc. — GMs have […]

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