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Ideal Pricing Delivers Extraordinary Revenues

Pricing | August 16, 2016

Similar to many industry veterans, I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life working in hotels. From operations to sales & catering to revenue management, I’ve overseen branded and independent properties, ranging from 500-room luxury resorts to 80-room limited service inns. Through my experiences I can say with certainty there has never been a […]

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Six Reasons Why GMs Care About Revenue Management

Main Post | August 3, 2016

Tasked with overseeing all hotel operations, general managers (GMs) are well positioned to help their organizations drive profitability by achieving a strong culture of revenue management. Particularly in the age of total revenue management — optimizing revenue from all of a hotel’s available revenue streams, including rooms, food and beverage, spa, etc. — GMs have […]

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Driving Revenue With Dr. Ravi: The Bid Price Approach

Main Post | July 20, 2016

Hotels around the world are in hot pursuit of efficient revenue management methods that not only price their properties successfully, but also help manage their room availability, accept their most valuable demand across all arrival dates and maximize their revenue on shoulder nights. And for hotels committed to achieving their maximum revenue potential, an automated […]

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A Tale of Two Hotels: The Automation Edition

Main Post | June 27, 2016

In recent years, the hotel revenue management industry has seen a swift transformation – moving past filling as many rooms as possible to approaching their revenue strategies from a more holistic viewpoint. The fruits of today’s sophisticated technology have allowed hotels to quickly and efficiently digest large volumes of data to make more informed decisions […]

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Four Considerations for Developing Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing | June 16, 2016

Hotels devote large portions of their revenue management strategies around developing and implementing the right pricing structure for their property and market. But establishing the right pricing structure isn’t a one-off activity – and with the hotel’s bottom line depending heavily on revenue generated from the implementation of an proper pricing strategy, it is critical […]

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Decisions vs. Recommendations: It’s all in the Name

Main Post | June 8, 2016

In today’s world of innovative technology, it’s interesting to think about the automated outputs of our industry’s revenue management systems. In fact, a recent conversation around a colleague’s experience with international airport security keeps replaying in my mind: Security: “What are you here for? “ Colleague: “Work meetings. “ Security:  “Who do you work for? […]

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The Wheel of Revenue Management Analytics

Analytics | June 1, 2016

There’s a popular television game show called “Wheel of Fortune” that features enthusiastic contestants solving word puzzles by guessing one alphabet letter at a time. Each word puzzle is classified under a specific category name that gives the players a further clue to uncovering the round’s hidden phrase. A popular category in the game, called […]

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Six Reasons Why Revenue Management Technology is Important to Small Independent Hotels

Uncategorized | May 25, 2016

In my selling adventures at IDeaS, I often encounter smaller independent hotels with leadership teams believing ‘having fewer guest rooms’ means their property ‘doesn’t need a revenue management system’ (RMS). Similar to larger hotels, smaller ones are constantly generating data.  Especially if the property has a restaurant, spa, bar, or other ancillary sources of revenue.  […]

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Infographic: Increasing Your Bottom Line

Main Post | May 19, 2016

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