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Back to the Futurecasting

Main Post | July 25, 2017

While hotels can’t go back in time (or forward) to arrive at their optimal strategy, there are things hotels are doing in the present to make for the most positive impacts on their future.

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profit performance

Positive Profit Performance Through Revenue Culture

Main Post | July 19, 2017

As hotels concern themselves more with rising reservation acquisition costs and the need to competitively differentiate through loyalty programs, unique stay experiences and personalized offers, a sound revenue strategy is even more prevalent. They need to provide strong earnings results each quarter that demonstrates their ability to enact a disciplined and agile revenue strategy that increases net income.

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hospitality industry lessons

3 Lessons to Learn From “Hidden Figures”

Main Post | July 11, 2017

As a proud hotel veteran, and as client relationship manager working with some of the most impressive and iconic hotels in the Americas, it never fails to surprise me how many similarities our industry has with other branches of life. The lessons I took from this movie, for example, were a clear indication of this worldly interconnection.

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advisory services

Bridging the Industry With Charles Wang

Main Post | June 29, 2017

Charles Wang, regional head of Advisory Services, explores how hoteliers in emerging markets can capitalize on strategic revenue management and attract the industry's top talent.

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Taking in Toronto at Your Bleisure

Events | June 22, 2017

If our industry has learned anything from the emergence of the “bleisure traveler,” it’s the invaluable quality of life that injecting some personal fun into our business travel opportunities can bring us. And this doesn’t ring more true than for those of us attending HSMAI or ROC in Toronto later this month.

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hotel marketing

The Endless Summer Marketing Campaign

Main Post | June 20, 2017

It’s that time of year when hotels are eager to maximize their summer holiday months, enticing guests to purchase more premium rooms, stay longer and spend more while onsite. But how can marketing and revenue management target their unique offesr to the potential guests with the greatest chance of booking?

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free sell

Free Sell or Free Fall?

Main Post | June 14, 2017

Contrary to any widespread belief, hotel meetings and events space does more than just sell guestrooms. In fact, for many hotels, the profit potential of this revenue stream is so significant that it can contribute 40-60% of their total profits. When it comes to leveraging this event space strategically, however, it’s often one of the most overlooked opportunities for substantial revenue generation.

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machine learning

Machine Learning: Buzz Phrase or the Real Deal?

Analytics | June 8, 2017

Thanks to big data, machines have a lot more to learn from. The question is: Are they learning or are they causing hotels to work harder to decipher all that added data?

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advisory services

Bridging the Industry With Neil Corr

Main Post | June 1, 2017

Neil Corr, IDeaS senior advisor in EMEA, discusses the different ways today's hotels can achieve intelligent revenue strategies in a Big Data-driven world.

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