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Visualize better revenue for your function space. How often do sellers at your venue receive a great inquiry only to find the meeting space was booked earlier, for a lower revenue value? Discover what’s possible with function-space revenue management technology.

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Transform your meetings & events business with function-space revenue management.

Meetings & events business represents up to 60% of overall revenue for many hotels. Why limit your revenue management strategy to guest rooms alone? The next step toward total property profit optimization starts with your meeting space.

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TravelTech Breakthrough Awards 2023 Ideas

“We understand that hotels with group business and function space offerings have an exciting opportunity to increase the value of those revenue streams. We know and understand our customers’ challenges and will continue to innovate and provide tailored solutions to them.”

- Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder, chief operating officer and technology officer at IDeaS.

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Something for Everyone

M&E/Catering Manager

Make informed decisions on group inquiries to drive better revenue performance.

Director of Sales

Gain access to key trends and performance measures. Increase sales efficiency and performance.

General Manager

Quickly access critical business data to help increase function-space revenue for underutilized meeting space.

IDeaS SmartSpace

IDeaS SmartSpace is a cloud-based strategy tool that provides quick and easy access to critical business data to help increase revenue from underutilized function space.

  • Forecast Demand
  • Inquiry Trends
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Conversion Insights
  • Increase revenue by forecasting future demand more accurately
  • Understand and respond to lost and denied business

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  • Quickly identify changes in demand profiles and trends, such as lead time and event size
  • Predict demand trends to maximize opportunities

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  • Set pricing levels based on demand to maximize revenue
  • Create an individual strategy for each meeting space and pricing method

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  • Gain visibility into sales performance and efficiency
  • Increase revenue by focusing on high-value bookings

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“IDeaS SmartSpace enables a variety of people at different levels to study upcoming business in an easy and visual way. With the push of a button, we can see our pace year-over-year to understand the business we want and know what we need. All of this was missing from the sales and catering system." — Christine Wassell, Director of Revenue Optimization

IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management

Integrated with IDeaS Revenue Management System, IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management helps to optimize profits across more of your revenue streams—everything from guest rooms and meeting spaces to food and beverage, catering, A/V equipment rental and more.

  • Demand Calendar
  • Group Evaluation
  • Quickly understand need dates to power selling strategies
  • Gain visibility into the forecast and utilization details

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computer screen showing IDeaS' G3 RMS multicolor business calendar
  • Leverage scientific analytics to optimize the profitability of each group or event opportunity
  • Quickly understand value of displacement on guest rooms
  • Receive relevant recommendations on rates and alternative dates

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computer screen showing IDeaS' group evaluation revenue numbers

Client Success


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Lindner Hotels Boosts Meetings & Events Profitability with Analytical Revenue Management

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