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IDeaS’ automated decision solutions ensure your boutique and independent hotels have the analytical insights and comprehensive support you need to increase revpar and to ultimately drive better revenue.

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Upscale your boutique hotel revenue management.

Achieve the Right Business Mix

For properties with fewer rooms, identifying the best balance of business is critical to maximizing revenues in your different room types. You can trust IDeaS to automatically accept the most valuable demand across all arrival dates and lengths of stay while saving you hours of tedious work, so you can spend your time on revenue-enhancing strategies that drive more business.

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Maximize Overall Profitability

The costs of running a luxury boutique hotel or independent property can be high when offering high quality services that cater to groups and transient business. IDeaS’ function space demand visualizations and superior analytics evaluate all your revenue streams and consider costs where needed, allowing you to strategically optimize not only revenue, but total profitability in and beyond the guest room.

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Forecast with Speed & Precision

Maintaining guest expectations and delivering on your hotel’s potential performance relies on proper hotel staffing. IDeaS automates and streamlines the operational and financial forecasting process for all of your revenue streams. You’ll spend less time collecting and organizing data and more time focusing on delivering the best guest experiences and gaining repeat business.

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Your success is our mission.

With tailored project management, best-in-class training programs, and 24/7/365 global support, IDeaS ensures your team is prepared, informed, trained and supported to make optimal use of your boutique hotel revenue management system capabilities.

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Grow your connected tech ecosystem.

IDeaS’ robust partner network includes technology integrations that make use of the right data so your boutique or independent hotel can granularly optimize revenue, increase revpar, automate decisions and maximize profitability.

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