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Client Success Stories

The Burrard  

The Burrard Hotel Boosts Its Boutique Charm to Competitive New Heights with IDeaS Boutique hotels have many advantages in competitive markets. Their unique histories and the promise of a more intimate guest experience can be a huge draw for travelers. However, meeting the revenue management standards set by larger properties and big chains can place […]


Thwaites Aligns Rooms and Meetings & Events Strategy to Grow Revenue Across the Hotel Smart Space by IDeaS Provides the Insights to Optimize Bookings Boutique hotels and inns are a cornerstone of most villages in northwest England. Combining the rugged beauty of the countryside with historic properties, guests have an opportunity for truly unique experiences […]

The Breakers Palm Beach  

Crown Jewel of Palm Beach Elevates Tech to Drive Luxury Business Since 1896, The Breakers Palm Beach has been one of America’s legendary resort destinations. This idyllic and breathtaking property located on the shores of South Florida’s Atlantic Coast welcomes visitors from across the world. A family-owned (heirs of founder Henry Flagler) property, this 140-acre, […]

Radisson Hotel Group  

Smart Space Empowers Better Business Decision-Making at Radisson Hotel Group It’s no small feat to optimize revenue across a diverse group of properties in multiple markets—And when that strategy extends beyond the guest room that challenge only becomes greater. Christine Wassell, director of revenue optimization for Radisson Hotel Group properties in the U.K., Ireland and […]

Lapithus Hotel Group  

Lapithus Hotel Group Increases Conversion Up to 10 Percent with Smart Space by IDeaS From ballrooms to boardrooms, hoteliers are recognizing the financial value that meetings and events space can offer, especially when available space and pricing are fully optimized. Treating function space the same way revenue managers treat guest rooms, and taking a demand-based […]

The Dunhill  

The Dunhill Hotel Achieves Double-Digit Revenue Growth (Again) with IDeaS Independent hotels excel at creating unique guest experiences. Through exclusive products, knowledgeable staff and appeal across guest segments, these one-of-a-kind hotels have many competitive advantages over branded properties. However, in saturated hotel markets like Charlotte, North Carolina, independents can struggle to capture guests’ attention amid […]

We want our guests to do their own thing, and our take on revenue management is similar. We need to be able to do our own thing.

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