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Get Ready for Client Success 2.0

In a world where technology often overshadows the human touch, IDeaS is taking a bold step towards redefining client support. As the needs of hotels evolve and technology advances, we understand that it’s not just about delivering top-notch products but also about fostering genuine relationships and providing solid support to help clients get the most out of their investment.

IDeaS recently rolled out new client support and education initiatives that aim to bolster core competencies and provide convenient avenues for support when clients need it most. We are proud to be the only RMS provider to receive Level IV Global Support Certification from Hotel Tech Report but are going a step further to enrich how we support our clients.

As the suite of IDeaS products advances, we recognize the need to elevate our internal teams to provide you with the best support. Upskilling our client support teams and enhancing our tools to proactively monitor your systems, ensuring they are operating effectively and efficiently, is just the first step.

Liz Willatts, Director, Global Client Success Management shares her thoughts on why now is the time to change:

“We recognize that the hospitality industry is becoming more complex and sophisticated with shifting consumer dynamics as technology evolves. We want to ensure that our teams and processes are evolving with this change. Increasing the skills and enhancing the toolkit of our client-facing teams enables them to deliver exceptional support with a focus on the commercial success of our clients,” said Willatts. “Every client has a different viewpoint of what success means to them, and it’s our team’s responsibility to understand this from the moment they become an IDeaS client.”

Existing clients will notice that their Client Relationship Manager (CRM), or Enterprise Relationship Manager (ERM), is now their IDeaS Success Manager (ISM). This title change reflects their dedication to not only managing relationships but also driving tangible outcomes for their clients. Your Success Manager serves as a trusted advisor, working closely with you to understand your property’s unique needs and ensures you are receiving maximum value from your IDeaS solutions.

IDeaS has developed the Success Manager University as a program that builds on the ISM’s tactical skills and provides advanced product education across IDeaS’ suite of solutions. All ISMs will be well versed in our revenue management solutions, as well as other IDeaS products including RevPlan, Optix, Function Space, and SmartSpace, with a focus on understanding the impacts they make on your business.

Armed with a breadth of product insight gained from Success Manager University, your ISM will possess a strong foundation in a myriad of business use applications within the many industry segments IDeaS serves. You’ll be supported with both tactical and business use advocacy of your IDeaS solutions in a way that better supports you in achieving improved competitive advantage and commercial results.

IDeaS Success Management Regional Manager, Meagan Sor offers her insight on the impact of the initiatives we’ve undertaken to enhance our teams:

“The work we have been doing to increase the skills and efficiency of our team empowers ISMs to gain extensive knowledge across the diverse industry segments that IDeaS specializes in. Whether your property is an all-inclusive or extended-stay, our team members can share vast knowledge in best practices in fine tuning our solutions to meet your unique business model,” said Sor. “We’re witnessing a significant shift in the support approach, which is increasingly proactive rather than solely tactical, a transformation we know you’ll value.”

With tools like chat support and more internal enablement resources than ever before, ISMs have experienced a shift in how they are spending their time monitoring your systems and resolving issues.

Kamilah Bell-Haynes, Principal Success Manager on the Enterprise team sees these changes as a game-changer:

“As an innovative and constantly improving company, we use technology to improve outcomes and enhance our client support. We partner with our clients to ensure that we understand their goals and business needs so we can proactively support them and ensure alignment.

Chat allows our clients to connect with us immediately and get questions answered quickly so they don’t end up on a to do list. Utilizing Chat and being able to efficiently review systems also allows us more time to proactively monitor our clients’ needs at a higher level and respond with suggestions when we see trends and before things become a concern.

Innovating and adopting new tools makes it possible for us to continuously improve our clients’ journeys, from onboarding to steady-state support and beyond!”

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