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How to Maximize Hotel Profits During & After a Renovation

Main Post | January 18, 2017

If you’re renovating your home, you often move your living spaces away from the construction area or go stay with family for a short period of time. While inconvenient, it’s typically a very doable option to accomplish temporarily. Besides, after the disruption you’ll get to enjoy the wonderful new spaces in your house. However, for […]

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6 Steps for Developing a Strategic Revenue Roadmap

Main Post | January 4, 2017

The roadmap to long-term, positive revenue performance can be achieved strategically and tactically with several key steps and considerations in place. Here are six considerations for mapping out your revenue roadmap: Obtain Executive Buy-In & Vision Effective revenue management starts at the top and its vision and revenue management goals must be shared by the […]

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Do You Want to Form an Alliance?

Main Post | December 28, 2016

Do general managers and revenue managers need to form a hotel alliance? Absolutely they do. Revenue managers and general managers both drive their hotels toward achieving gilt-edge revenue performance. However, they may approach the goal of revenue management with varying strategies. While revenue managers make strategic and tactical decisions designed to capture the highest revenues, […]

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Play like Jeter: Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Main Post | December 22, 2016

If you’re a baseball fan, you may be able to imagine Derek Jeter fielding a ground ball to his right and perfectly executing his signature jump-throw. If that image doesn’t immediately come to mind, watch the magic here. The jump-throw is a beautiful baseball maneuver. One that has found a place on many highlight reels […]

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Client communication virtual conference | IDeaS

The New Normal for Virtual Client Meetings

Uncategorized | December 6, 2016

We believe the objective of a client relationship management (CRM) program is to be able to learn about our clients and ensure they maximize the investment they have made with IDeaS. By understanding our clients’ needs and adjusting our operations to meet those needs, we are able to enhance our relationships with clients and provide […]

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Change Is Everywhere: How Is Your Hotel Managing It?

Main Post | November 30, 2016

Hotels encounter change every single day, experiencing changes in guests, rates, menus, events and staff.  At an even higher level, hotels experience changes in management, brands, job responsibilities, revenue strategy and guest expectations. Widespread changes in distribution, technology, analytics and industry mergers also affect the hospitality industry in nearly every region. Change management in revenue […]

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Upcoming IDeaS & TravelClick Webinar: Revenue Strategy + Market Intelligence

Main Post | November 28, 2016

Recently TravelClick and IDeaS announced an industry-leading integration that further optimizes pricing and revenue strategies by incorporating Demand360’s market intelligence into IDeaS Advanced Revenue Solutions. In this webinar you will learn how to leverage industry-leading market intelligence reporting like Demand360 and how integrating this data into your revenue management system will drive a stronger revenue strategy. IDeaS and […]

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4 Myths of Revenue Management

Main Post | November 23, 2016

Revenue management doesn’t often find itself associated with mythical unicorns or other infamous folklore, but there are still some very common misconceptions that tend to swirl around the importance of its technology within the hospitality industry. Here are four common revenue management myths and why they’ve been officially been busted by today’s automated revenue management […]

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