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Revenue Management Ingredients

Go back to the basics & dish up better revenue results with these quality ingredients from the world’s leader in revenue management. This eBook combines proven best practices to help you mix the right ingredients, proportions and flavors into the right revenue management recipe for long term revenue performance.


The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management

This guide is intended for decision makers, including hotel and resort operators, property managers and owners, who are looking to bring the science of next-generation Hospitality Revenue Management to their businesses.


What your revenue management system should be doing for you

Few systems that hoteliers interact with are as analytically advanced as their revenue management system – and these systems also need to keep up with business changes. Is your system keeping up?


Revenue management in the age of Big Data: is more data equal to better data?

This paper provides recommendations on how to think about your revenue management in the age of Big Data.


Use of regrets and denials data in demand forecasting: simply unreliable

Historical demand has long been a critical component of dynamic pricing and Revenue Management Systems. An even more critical requirement for Revenue Management Systems is the unconstrained demand, which is the true demand for a particular product in the absence of any limitations such as when a room or seat is unavailable to purchase.


Pursuing total revenue performance: The ideal is becoming possible

Businesses in virtually every industry recognize the need to take a more holistic approach to their forecasting and revenue optimization.