The 12 Gifts of RMS: Client Support

Successful hotels connect with their guests on meaningful levels, with designated hotel experts interacting with visitors at various touch points during their stay. The valet team greets guests upon arrival, the front desk staff checks them into their rooms, the restaurant crew serves food and keeps drinks filled, and housekeeping safeguards a clean and comfortable stay. These touch points are designed to make guests feel welcome, satisfied and confident in their decision to stay at the hotel. And in a social world bursting with big data, guests – and their satisfaction – are the hotel’s ultimate livelihood.

Partnerships with solution providers are extremely similar, with touch points ranging from the initial sales discussions to ongoing system usage. But today’s hot technology partners can often run cold when it turns to their relational abilities to connect with their clients. When evaluating solution provider partnerships, it is essential that you feel welcomed, satisfied and confident with your decision and solution – at all touch points.

Top revenue management solution providers know the important role that trusted client support plays in revenue solution performance. They provide you with experienced support teams that guide, encourage and cheer you on as you tackle and elevate your revenue performance. Experienced account managers guide you through solutions that fit best with your revenue needs and budgets, project managers provide smooth implementation periods, and ongoing client support teams engage in proactive conversations that make you feel confident in your system abilities – cheered on by a champion for your revenue success.

While your hotel staff is hard at work building satisfaction and confidence in hotel guests, you can feel at ease that you are partnering with not just a technology system, but an experienced client support system that you can feel confident in.

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