The 12 Gifts of RMS: The Dashboard

Today’s best-in-class revenue management systems (RMS) display data in a dashboard format to provide users with quick insight into their historical and future business performance. The dashboard in your RMS gives you key data to confidently check your hotel’s health and help drive revenue decisions for your properties.

So how can your dashboard give you the gift of confidence to quickly consume your hotel’s performance data?

Think of the dashboard as the general command center for your system. The dashboard gives you a central location to view your data at quick, high levels – and displays it in different summaries and breakdowns to help you decipher large volumes of data and key performance metrics.

Your dashboard may include calendar views with heat maps that visually identify upcoming dates with high or low occupancy levels. This makes it easy to spot any date ranges that need extra attention or investigation with a quick glance. General managers can benefit from checking here for daily occupancy checks and sales managers often reference this in conjunction with incoming group accommodation requests.

Interactive and adjustable graphs and charts allow you to ‘slice and dice’ your data to compare the elements that are most important to you. This type of customization allows you to quickly drill down into your data to analyze the performance metrics that are most important in that moment.

Navigating through an insightful and interactive RMS dashboard will equip core members of hotel operational teams with the key revenue management insights they need to integrate revenue management strategies into their own department processes. The dashboard is really a gift for the entire hotel team!

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