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IDeaS Honors 2023 Client Summit Award Recipients

We’re only as strong as the clients we work with. That’s why every year we nominate and recognize the clients who share our ideals of partnership and innovation.  

IDeaS recently hosted the 2023 Converge Hospitality Revenue Summit in London, a sold-out event with attendees from our global client base. The event, which featured a full slate of industry thought leadership, included a special presentation to honor our latest client award recipients.  

(Pictured: Mo Khanat, Shumi Khan (Accor), Tejas Patel and David Warman)

2023 Partnership Award Winner: Shumi Khan 

Shumi Khan, Senior Vice President of Business Performance & Revenue Management for Accor Hotels, has played an instrumental role in helping Accor’s commercial organization understand the competitive advantage provided by the widespread adoption of revenue management systems (RMS) at their properties. In turn, Accor has doubled the number of RMS installations with IDeaS in the last 12 months. 

“Accor Hotels is one of the first organizations to pilot and adopt IDeaS’ latest RMS solution at a large scale,” says Tejas Patel, Sr. Account Management Director at IDeaS. “Shumi has consistently challenged and partnered with us to enhance the solution and processes surrounding it—and we’re both better off because of it.”  

Patel says Khan has been a crucial and consistent champion of IDeaS within Accor, and those efforts have helped Accor view us as a trusted partner in our efforts to grow and bring together their entire commercial organization. 

(Pictured: Mo Khanat, Tom Edwards (Travelodge UK), Mehdi El Massioui and David Warman)

2023 Innovation Award Winner: Tom Edwards 

Tom Edwards, Chief Revenue Officer for Travelodge UK, has fostered a strong culture of innovation among his team as they continuously seek out the incremental improvements needed for revenue success. 

“If we’re doing 98 percent of what they want perfectly, I can count on Tom and his team to relentlessly pursue that remaining 2 percent,” says Mehdi El Massioui, Account Management Director for Strategic and Global Accounts at IDeaS. “They are very receptive to new tools and features and are often on the leading edge of their implementation in market. Combined, their appetite for innovative products and their tireless pursuit of improvement challenges us in the best way possible.”  

While Edwards is the first to credit his team for receiving this award, El Massioui recognizes their cultural embrace of competitive innovation is likely driven from the top.  

“Tom uses his leadership position to facilitate innovation and hold us all accountable,” El Massioui explains. “Tom and his team are perfect partners because their drive for continuous improvement also motivates us to keep pushing.”  

Invested in client success  

The success of our clients is the success of IDeaS. Every day we’re striving to listen to client needs, provide fit-for-purpose innovative solutions and, in turn, grow with our client partners. While the award winners above are both fantastic examples of this partnership in practice, they’re not alone in achieving success with IDeaS.

Visit our Client Success page for more examples of partners well-served by IDeaS. 

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