As one of the pillars of its mission to develop the pricing and revenue capabilities in the industry, IDeaS continues to invest in resources and tools for Academic and educational institutions. The IDeaS Academic Partner Portal, which houses the IDeaS Academic courses and Pricing System labs has been active for over 2 years now and is being used by over 60 Academic institutions globally. You are a part of the of the program through your access to the Academic Partner Portal, and we wanted to reach out to you to make you aware of some important changes happening over the coming months.

In our continuing drive to be ahead of the curve in educational tools, we are enhancing the underlying technology and platform of the Academic Partner Portal. The enhanced platform will:

  • Offer the same access and features of the existing platform
  • Improve overall performance and usability for both professors and students
  • Ensure that the platform is compliant with all GDPR and related privacy and security regulations
  • Enhance flexibility and modularity to address a broader audience and scope
  • Offer greater opportunities for future enhancements, additions and expansions of the platform

As a result of this change, please note the following important dates:

  • Access to the existing platform will be suspended on 25th May 2018
  • Access to the new platform will be available as of 1st September 2018
  • As a result – access to the IDeaS Academic Partner Platform will not be available between 25th May and
    1st September 2018
  • Any changed procedures or instructions required to utilize the platform will be communicated during the month
    of August 2018

We are confident that this upgrade will provide an enhanced experience for both professors and students. IDeaS is committed to make this transition as seamless and low-touch as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please do reach out to us using the IDeaS client portal with your questions and we will reach out to you accordingly. If you have not used the IDeaS Academic Portal for some time and would like to re-establish access or obtain more information on the new Academic Portal, please do reach out to your regional IDeaS Advisor who can support you with this.


Digna Martinez-Kolar

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Neil Corr


Tracy Dong

Eva | IDeaS Advisor


Eva Liu

We look forward to launching the enhanced Academic Partner Portal to you in September and continuing to partner with you to develop pricing and revenue talent in the industry.

Your IDeaS Academic Partner team