Mike Chuma

Mike Chuma joined IDeaS in 2016, bringing more than 15 years of experience in marketing and driving growth and strategy for enterprise SaaS technology companies, eCommerce platforms, and other organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Mike received his Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Marketing and Finance from Boise State University.

Commercial Arena

Game On – Revenue Management Arrives in the Commercial Arena

Hotel revenue management is going corporate, and talented revenue managers are selling out—in a good way. The role of revenue manager may never be the…

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Safety, Traveler Confidence, and the Convergence of Hotel Revenue and Commercial Activity

  At the end of July, the hotel industry celebrated an increase to 48 percent occupancy—add that to the list of things I didn’t think…

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REVolution Summit

The Hospitality REVolution: All Systems Go!

Laying the foundation for a connected technology ecosystem and total revenue performance. Last October, IDeaS hosted REVolution 2019, a Hospitality Revenue Summit, in London. This event brought together…

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Total Revenue Forecasting

Total Revenue Forecasting – Sunny with a Chance of Profits

What if meteorologists only used science half the time when forecasting the weather?  Not long ago, people predicted weather by simply looking outside, taking in clues like wind…

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Forecast Junction

Forecast Junction – What’s Your Function?

Navigating the crossroads of hotel forecasting on the expressway to greater profitability. How’s that forecast coming along? It’s an age-old question in the hotel business,…

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Revenue Science 101 Blog

Revenue Science 101: A Better Way to Revenue

  This is the first installment in a series exploring the principles, process and unparalleled power of REVENUE SCIENCE Class is in session. Welcome to…

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Smart Space Technology for a Smart Revenue Strategy

IDeaS recently announced the acquisition of Smart Space Strategy Limited, a company that pioneered a cloud-based, visual strategy management solution that analyzes the business trends and performance of meeting and event space. This is an exciting acquisition for IDeaS, since it allows our company to further support hotels in developing a holistic and profitable revenue strategy across their entire organization.

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