Revenue Management

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Hotel Investor Report Highlights Critical Importance of Revenue Management Systems

Being equipped with the right tools is essential for your ability to survive—and thrive. That’s been true since the first caveman mastered the finer points…

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Committed to Innovation: A Look at Recent Advancements at IDeaS

You don’t lead an industry by standing still. Innovation and change go hand-in-hand in an organization built on technology. We know our clients operate in…

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Independent Products Pricing Is Here (and Why You Should Embrace the Change)

Change can be intimidating. It disrupts our routines, pushes us out of our comfort zones, and challenges us to adapt. However, the beauty of change…

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Why Certify? Exploring the Benefits of IDeaS G3 RMS Certification

It’s no secret revenue managers have a lot on their plates. Between reporting, monitoring, strategizing and training, it’s understandable if earning a professional certification—no matter…

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7 Benefits of Hotel Automation for Revenue Managers

Being a hospitality revenue manager isn’t an easy job. You’re constantly analyzing, strategizing, deciding, executing, streamlining, and monitoring…etc. You must generate new business while maintaining…

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New automated configuration feature for G3 RMS decreases time (and effort) to value

Implementing a revenue management system (RMS) can evoke a mixture of excitement (how will this make my job easier?) and apprehension (will this work as…

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How to set up a profitable upselling strategy for your hospitality organization in 2023

How can hospitality organizations reliably increase profits in the face of inflation, staff shortages, and economic uncertainty? The answer: upselling. Upselling offers one of the…

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What generates the largest revenue in a hotel?

When it comes to bringing in revenue, hotels typically rely on four primary sources: rooms, meetings and events, food and beverage, and ancillary services. In…

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