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Defining the Industry Standard in Client Service

By , Chief Client Officer

As we head into 2023, IDeaS will continue to focus on defining the industry standard in revenue management software and client service.

We pride ourselves on having best-in-class support as we help educate our clients to unleash the capabilities of our software. But this year, to invest in our people and capabilities to further level up our client service, we are also committed to investing in our client experience teams.

With this in mind, we have invested in our people and the processes needed to encourage and supplement that growth. Having the right person matched with the proper skill set and then putting those skills to work in the correct type of role is key to achieving success as an employer of choice in this industry.

IDeaS Creates “Centers of Excellence”

As part of this growth cycle, I introduced the IDeaS organization to a Client First Culture Framework during a recent Quarterly Town Hall. This framework was created by the leaders of several client-facing teams across the organization to inspire team members to envision what best-in-class service and support look like. The overall structure resulted in the creation of three Centers of Excellence (COE): Account Management, Implementation & Adoption, and Client Success.

We believe this is an opportunity to further elevate one of IDeaS’ key differentiators–our client-first culture. Because when you put the client at the center of everything you do, companies (and their employees) outperform. Research has shown that in doing so, clients become advocates and, in turn, recommend the product to peers, increasing loyalty.

More importantly, each COE was founded on the belief that client-centric experiences should be simple and elegant while creating passionate believers in a product. As innovators, it is our responsibility to create a frictionless journey. The result of this innovation, not unlike IDeaS innovation in revenue management, is a framework that our global team can utilize to inspire and captivate team members and clients alike.

Elevating Ourselves to Better Service Clients

The world is filled with so much clutter. Everyone is busy, the world of technology is a fast-moving machine, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to cut through the clutter. Today, we need to continually elevate ourselves and our processes. But even more importantly, to create a series of “service moments” that will stand out as shining examples of how an organization should support and enable its most valuable asset, the client. By focusing on ongoing quality and creating powerful moments, our clients and our reputation will continue to reinforce that choosing IDeaS was one of the best decisions they have made for their hotel.

Join the IDeaS Community

IDeaS believes in community, as evidenced by our annual Client Summit event, our Client Advisory Board and more recently Discover Live, our virtual user conference. We also are passionate about innovation, but to innovate, we must grow. Re-thinking how we tune our client experience and organization is mandatory for growth. We have hit a new milestone in our organization, moving from providing outstanding customer service to delivering excellent customer experiences throughout the client and user journey.

On behalf of our entire client service and support team, we are excited to step into the new year and look forward to creating those incredible, memorable moments as we take you on your revenue management journey toward excellence.

Chief Client Officer

David Warman became the Chief Client Officer at IDeaS in November 2021 following a 30+ year career leading customer experience marketing, revenue optimization, and insights at some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Four Seasons, IHG, and Hilton. As a former client of IDeaS, David has witnessed firsthand how IDeaS solutions drive real world business results.

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