Extended Stay Properties: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Meet Elaine.
Elaine is a quality assurance manager.
Elaine doesn’t like to divulge her age.
Her company sends her to different internal branches to oversee teams.
She recently flew to the U.K. for three weeks.
She needed more time for process implementation with the team.
She extended her stay for another week before returning home.

Curtis and Elaine have never met, but they did stay at the Long Days Night Inn over the same time and they both represent the typical guest behavior that can often challenge the extended stay property.

The Long Days Night Inn, part of the extended stay accommodation sector, finds forecasting demand challenging when guests are continually re-upping their reservations or bailing out early. How can an extended stay property best forecast for this behavior?

Advanced analytics in revenue management systems are hard at work forecasting these data points – providing extended stay hotels with the insights and forecasts they need to balance long-stay guest behavior to maximize their revenue.

Read more about the challenges and opportunities for extended stay properties, aparthotels and serviced apartments – and the analytics behind them.

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