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Empower Yourself with IDeaS G3 RMS Essentials Certification

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Invest in your career as well as the high performance of your revenue team with the hospitality industry’s first-ever RMS-user credential.

IDeaS just launched the first software certification for automated revenue management systems—G3 RMS Essentials—and we are pretty dang excited about it. But you might find yourself wondering, why would the hospitality industry need something like this? Or more importantly, why would I need something like this?

To consider if this certification might be valuable for you or your team, let’s explore these two simple questions:

  • Who should get certified?
  • Why get certified?
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Who should get certified?

This program is designed for individuals who wish to showcase their knowledge of IDeaS G3 RMS. The certification exam tests a candidate’s ability to apply the essential skills necessary to set up, manage and optimize revenue using IDeaS G3 RMS.

This isn’t a teach-to-test program, meaning IDeaS has not prescribed any specific learning requirements before taking the exam. We advise that the ideal candidate is a primary user of IDeaS G3 RMS with at least six months of practical system experience—someone using the technology day-to-day to drive their revenue strategy.

Visit the IDeaS Global Certification Program page for an overview of the candidate qualifications for this certification exam.

Although you can register for the exam directly from the program page above, it is to your advantage to review the introduction in the IDeaS Discover learning platform. It includes the exam objectives and exclusions, sample questions, study recommendations, and information about our partners you’ll interact with throughout your pursuit of this credential.

Why get certified?

In today’s economy, education is at a premium, and skill credentials prove your knowledge to companies—often more than a degree.

Talent acquisition and development companies note a rise in technology certifications. Labor impacts from the pandemic, coupled with the trend toward remote or hybrid teams, have created a change in responsibilities for many professionals. Proficiency in automation or productivity software is more desirable than ever to employers who want their teams to have up-to-date knowledge. Certification credentials can quickly showcase your mastery of a particular software or practice.

According to the latest Value of Certification report from Pearson VUE, which surveyed more than 29,000 candidates who prepared for and earned technology certifications during 2020, when it comes to certifications:

  • Demand is growing—for candidates and employers alike
  • Top candidate motivation was a desire to upskill and enhance job performance
  • Technology certification generates significant ROI for recipients and their employers

The G3 RMS Essentials certification helps you ensure you are taking full advantage of your IDeaS solution. Posting a globally recognized credential—and a brag-worthy digital badge—on your LinkedIn or resume provides a professional advantage when pursuing career growth. Even if you’re not considering new job opportunities now, earning the certification validates your proficiency with the technology, which can help you establish or elevate your status within your organization.

Even as the world begins to recover from crisis, it appears that remote working, learning, and connecting are here to stay. Data trends indicate technology certifications will likely continue growing in demand, esteem, and impact. IDeaS is confident the G3 RMS Essentials certification will help you make the most of your software investment, but more than that, it will empower you and your team to invest in the future.

Senior Manager, Education

As a member of the IDeaS team since 2018, Coral Brevig enjoys working with colleagues to power those “aha” moments for colleagues, clients, and revenue scientists. In 2021, Coral earned two Excellence in Learning awards from the Brandon Hall Group’s Human Capital Management Program.

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