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Saying “Yes” to IDeaS: An Intern’s Perspective on Opportunity

By , Internal Communications Intern

One intern’s view on what IDeaS has to offer the hospitality industry and young professionals.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity—not a threat.” – Steve Jobs

Every human has a natural aversion to failure and uncertainty. Our pride is a precious thing, and our confidence is often too easily shaken, so we stick to what we know and are apprehensive to approach the unfamiliar. As an intern, everything is uncertain, new, and terrifying. But the exciting thing about being an intern, especially as an IDeaS intern, is that everything you do is an opportunity to grow, learn, and innovate.

During my time at IDeaS, I have learned how to embrace every opportunity no matter how unknown or unfamiliar it may be. IDeaS culture encourages trial and error, as lifelong learning requires you to move past the fear of failure. Young professionals, as well as the hospitality industry, have much to learn from IDeaS culture and its dedication to harnessing fear to understand the unknown.

Where I Started: Exploring the Unknown

I am a rising senior at Drake University studying political science and public relations. As a Drake student, I have been fortunate to have many facilitated opportunities to work with real businesses in Des Moines, Iowa. I learned so much from these experiences, but certain aspects of my education had yet to be tested by real life experience.

I joined IDeaS in January 2022 never having heard of revenue science or IDeaS. Approaching a new industry was intimidating, especially since I was starting a position that required a skill I had yet to apply outside of the classroom, but I knew that I needed to be challenged. I said “yes” to IDeaS because IDeaS understands that we must make mistakes to learn and excel. IDeaS said “yes” to me because I understand the importance of opportunity.

Where I Am: Owning My Successes

The work interns do matters. Interns are incredibly important to a successful organization as they provide a perspective and energy that is unique and refreshing. At IDeaS, our interns are innovators that own projects from beginning to end. These projects refine and reinvent our organization in ways that were previously thought impossible.

I can genuinely say that every project I worked on as an IDeaS intern was meaningful and taught me something new. Writing projects for Weekly Digest improved my writing skills, interviewing team members across the organization taught me more about the industry and connected me to accomplished and experienced professionals. Research I conducted helped me discover that the top reason individuals join IDeaS is because our company culture recognizes team members as human beings with real lives and passions outside of the workplace.

Because I learned that being afraid of making mistakes is useless, I am now published, and industry leaders are reading my words. I can have meaningful conversations with those in the hospitality industry about revenue management and how our solutions at IDeaS are revolutionary. My internship with IDeaS has given me the confidence to seek out opportunity and encourage others to do the same.

Where I’m Going: Reflecting on IDeaS

I am leaving IDeaS with a new perspective on learning and success, and a newfound confidence in my skills and abilities. I still have my fears about the future, but I am excited for the upcoming opportunities that I have yet to encounter. I am so glad I said “yes” to IDeaS, so that it is incredibly difficult to now say “goodbye.” But thanks to IDeaS, I know that my journey is just beginning, and I have so much more to learn and discover.

Internal Communications Intern

Meagahn Telschow is a political science and public relations double major at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, set to graduate in May 2023. Meagahn worked remotely as an internal communications intern at IDeaS during the spring and summer of 2022. She is interested in pursuing a career in communications and public relations following graduation, and eventually obtaining a master’s degree in strategic communication. Originally from Edgar, Wisconsin, Meagahn now calls Des Moines, Iowa home and loves exploring her new city. In her free time, she enjoys travel, literature, movies, and spending time with friends and family.

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