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Joseph Martino – An IDeaS Legend Retires

By , President, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

A fond farewell to IDeaS’ Chief Business Development Officer—and my very good friend.

Joseph Martino’s impact on IDeaS over the past 20 years has been indelible, and I am certain this impact will be felt for decades to come. Because of his contributions, dedication to IDeaS’ success, guidance, and deep friendship to myself and others, it is with mixed emotions I announce Joseph’s retirement from IDeaS at the end of the month.

Joseph Martino

Joseph’s hospitality and technology career was varied and honorable well before joining IDeaS in 2001. He started his hospitality career with Cunard Ships, Hotel & Resorts and then further distinguished himself within Marriott hotels for a decade before founding one of Fidelio’s first subsidiaries and rising to Chief Operating Officer with Micros/Fidelio, now known as Oracle.

Joseph has long been a leading mind in hotels and hotel software, and it was this rich experience that led me to pursue him to join IDeaS. In the beginning, there was no defined role for him. I just knew he was the person I needed to partner with to help make IDeaS a great company, both for our clients and for the people who work here.

Joseph helped us along every step of the journey by guiding us, coaching us, and keeping us from business pitfalls to shape the core strategy of IDeaS. His ability to adapt, see future trends, and relentlessly push us to do more, better, wiser has gotten us to where we are today.

Joseph and I have traveled the world together, and he was always ready to go and organized with a plan to succeed. He is a real “utility player,” able to play many roles at a high level. Over 20 years he held many positions, leading IDeaS’ product development, marketing, sales, R&D, consulting, and building business units, such as the first-ever revenue management system for car parks.

Joseph was a true change agent at IDeaS, pushing us to new limits as the sponsor of our first acquisition (IDeaS SmartSpace) and playing a key role in our current product roadmap. It was his steady adaptability and strong capabilities we rely upon—the ability to listen, to create, to innovate, and, most importantly, to connect—that enabled a small company to become a global force.

Joseph Ravi

Joseph, I speak for everyone—past, present, and future at IDeaS—when I say we will never be able to express our gratitude for your countless contributions. Thank you for always being so wise and caring. You not only made this company successful, but you made it a family. Your legacy here will be strong and lasting.

I, and the IDeaS family, wish you the most relaxing retirement and hope you are able to travel the world as a man of leisure enjoying your most favorite experiences, locations, and indulgences. Thank you for being a great business partner, travel companion, blackjack spotter, and all-around fantastic friend.

May your journey continue. But for us, perhaps being on this journey with you has been the greatest reward of all.

We wish you all the best!

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President, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

While serving as an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, IDeaS co-founder Dr. Ravi Mehrotra created new computing models and algorithms that would serve as the basis of IDeaS revenue management technology. Today, Ravi continues his scientific research and is a widely recognized leader in predictive analytics, forecasting, and dynamic-price optimization.

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