Client communication virtual conference | IDeaSRohit Kaduskar | IDeaS
We believe the objective of a client relationship management (CRM) program is to be able to learn about our clients and ensure they maximize the investment they have made with IDeaS. By understanding our clients’ needs and adjusting our operations to meet those needs, we are able to enhance our relationships with clients and provide them with an enriched partner support experience.

Focusing on innovative, dynamic approaches that allow for a deeper and more personable client experience, the IDeaS Client Services team recently enhanced our client relationship program with the implementation of client video calls. These visually-interactive client meetings strengthen and enhance our existing and budding client relationships and bring about a plethora of benefits:

  • A superior and personalized rapport is established with clients, allowing them to put a face to the voice
  • Shared screens allow for a better understanding of client needs that improve and expedite communication and resolution
  • Client engagement is improved, keeping focus on the call subject matter
  • Increased information sharing drives more meaningful conversations
  • Ability to further engage with the regional expertise of a global CRM team
  • Overall client communication is enhanced across the IDeaS organization

Shifting to video calls began nearly a year ago, with the majority of clients sharing in our enthusiasm to enhance the overall client communication experience. Since the beginning of the year, our team has successfully transitioned over 93% of our client calls from standard phone calls to virtual video meetings. With our clients excited about the enhanced virtual experience they – along with us – eagerly look forward to their regularly-scheduled virtual meetings.

As part of the IDeaS for Success program the video calling initiative has given us a better and more refined understanding of our clients – and our team is excited about the possibilities of enhancing our program even further in the future.

Are you a client who hasn’t had the opportunity to take advantage of our video calling program?  We want to see your face – literally! Connect with your CRM today for any technical questions you may have, and join in on the face-to-face relationship-building fun!

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