IDeaS and TravelClick announce research & development partnership

TravelClick, a global provider of innovative cloud-based solutions that enable hotels to grow revenue, and IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting, have announced a joint research and development (R&D) partnership to allow  TravelClick’s Demand360® customers to integrate their subscription data into IDeaS’ Revenue Management System (RMS).

Recognizing the power of highly targeted data to help hoteliers make better business decisions, the partnership will focus on incorporating the most robust business intelligence available – TravelClick’s Demand360 – into industry leading IDeaS RMS for joint subscribers. Demand360 is the only competitive market intelligence product available to the hospitality industry that provides forward-looking reservation metrics and analytics by channel and segment.  Allowing subscribers to integrate Demand360 data into IDeaS RMS will help hotels optimize pricing and generate additional revenue.

TravelClick and IDeaS have been long-time partners, as many of TravelClick’s other products are integrated with IDeaS’ solutions. This partnership will allow IDeaS revenue management solutions to enhance its decision support system with the aim to further improve forecasts and pricing recommendations based on aggregated competitive future pacing data.

“Business intelligence is greatly influencing hoteliers’ reservations strategies and overall business decisions. Hoteliers need to have the right tools that can offer them the best insight to help them drive revenue and increase their competitiveness in their local markets,” said Greg Sheppard, vice president, business intelligence products at TravelClick. “Working with an industry leader and long-time partner, IDeaS, provides hoteliers with the ability to use TravelClick’s business intelligence in new, actionable ways.”

“The research and development partnership with TravelClick showcases IDeaS’ dedication to meet client needs, as integrating Demand360 data has been one of the most popular requests at our user conferences,” said Sanjay Nagalia, chief operating officer at IDeaS. “Demand360 is TravelClick’s most comprehensive market intelligence product, and being able to provide our customers with IDeaS price optimization and forecasting capabilities will immediately improve performance and provide hoteliers with better insights to make smarter business decisions.”

TravelClick and IDeaS have a very strict confidentiality, security and legal policy. Throughout the R&D phase, both companies will ensure that strict data use requirements are being met. Subscriber test software will only have access to data for the subscriber hotel and an aggregated view of their competitive set. No individual competitive information will be shared. The R&D phase alpha test will last up to 12 months and it is projected for the solution to be commercially available in early 2016.