IDeaS to strengthen Atravis Hospitality Management’s approach to revenue management

CHINA – June 4, 2013 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting, announced that Atravis Hospitality Management Co., Ltd. (Atravis), a subsidiary of China National Aviation Holding Construction & Development Company is working with IDeaS Consulting to strengthen its revenue management capabilities and foster a revenue management culture within its hotels.

IDeaS Consulting has found a niche for its service offerings in China as a growing number of domestic hotels are aware of the benefits of pricing, business forecast and revenue optimization. IDeaS Consulting aims to provide Chinese hoteliers with tailor-made counsel and revenue management support, assisting hoteliers in their efforts to achieve long-term profitability in a competitive marketplace.

Atravis currently manages seven hotels located in seven provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China.  IDeaS Consulting will be staging a series of revenue management workshops for Atravis hotels’ revenue management teams. These educational workshops will help Atravis hotels’ to better implement industry best practice forecasting and pricing concepts.

In addition to staging educational workshops, IDeaS Consulting will also be conducting a thorough audit of Atravis properties, reviewing current practices along with identifying areas of optimization and developing a roadmap for revenue growth.

“Our company is committed to sustainable development. The services of IDeaS Consulting can help us to capture those emerging revenue opportunities in an agile and intelligent manner,” said Tian Yushou, the General Manager of Atravis.

“IDeaS is pleased to support the vision of Atravis. Our expertise on industry best practice and professional support will enable Atravis to define their solutions and support needs for optimizing revenue management. We are poised to help Atravis build a robust revenue management process and support their profitability growth,”said Michael Yin, Head of Sales – Greater China of IDeaS Revenue Solutions.