Innovative Mellow Mood Hotels Deploy IDeaS Revenue Management System across portfolio

BUDAPEST – November 23, 2015 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and consulting services, today announced the Mellow Mood Hotels has established a central revenue management function, implementing IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) and IDeaS Pricing System (PS) into the different hotels across the Group.

The Mellow Mood Hotels has grown significantly since its origins in youth hostels and hotels. The Group now includes international properties and five-star hotels, and covers diverse market sectors with Congress Hotels and Fashion Hotels. Following its rapid expansion, the Group aimed to better manage revenue across all properties by working with IDeaS to conduct a Revenue Performance Analysis.

With a track record of over 25 years and the experience of managing revenue for more than one million rooms, IDeaS is uniquely positioned to provide meaningful advice on how to create the best revenue management systems within a highly diverse hotel group.

“We needed a technology solution for pricing and revenue management so we reviewed the marketplace and IDeaS, who was already well known to us, was the obvious leader,” said Judith Blandl, Group General Manager at Mellow Mood Hotels. “Importantly, when we asked how our integration requirements would be handled, IDeaS was the only company to provide any substantial guarantees about making the existing technologies work together. IDeaS recognized the different needs and requirements for each property and was able to offer relevant systems and modules so each hotel would get the ideal solution and still be centrally managed and monitored. This engendered further trust and demonstrated that we would have a holistic revenue management partnership with the team at IDeaS.”

IDeaS PS provides sophisticated forecasting and pricing decisions in a simple and easy-to-use package. Mellow Mood Hotels’ managers need minimal training to work with the software, and can take advantage of the advanced analytics and market insight to make competitive pricing decisions.

As Mellow Mood also needed to improve the company-wide reporting of revenue management, IDeaS RMS brings the RM function into a central corporate role where enhanced support can be provided to the general managers of each hotel. Additionally, IDeaS RMS creates highly accurate forecasts, informing revenue management decisions and allowing the Mellow Mood Hotels team to model the impact of pricing options.

Particularly important for Mellow Mood Hotels was the essential integration with leading Hungarian property management software HostWare. IDeaS collaborated closely with HostWare to create a seamless solution, and such integration has resulted in an enhanced data flow between the systems and consequently much improved reporting for the Mellow Mood Hotels.

Prior to the implementation of IDeaS PS and IDeaS RMS, Mellow Mood Hotels also took the opportunity to assess revenue management capabilities and maturity by working with IDeaS Consulting Services, which conducted a detailed ‘Revenue Opportunity Analysis’ and created a ‘Revenue Optimization Roadmap.’

These on-site sessions with representatives from corporate and hotel teams helped determine the status of Revenue Management practices across the hotels of Mellow Mood Hotels and provided actionable insights and recommendations to assist the group in expanding and developing a sustainable and leading Revenue Management culture.

“The Mellow Mood Hotels is an exciting hotel company to work with, thanks to their dynamic and varied portfolio,” said Fabian Specht, EMEA Managing Director for IDeaS. “Their approach and enthusiasm for building a strong revenue management culture across the Group is inspiring, and by combining IDeaS RMS and IDeaS PS with best practices, value is maximized and pricing is optimized. Integration is key to any hotel technology success and we are dedicated to ensuring Mellow Mood Hotels has a fully working solution.”


About The Mellow Mood Hotels

The Mellow Mood Hotels was founded by Mr. Sameer Hamdan and Mr. Zuhair Awad in 1997 and since then the group plays an important role on the Hungarian hotel market. The group’s portfolio consists of 5 different brands: the 5-star Luxury Hotels, the 4-star Fashion and Congress Hotels, the 3-star City Hotels and Top Hostels. The group operates one hotel in Vienna and thirteen in the Hungarian capital, including the award winning Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace luxury hotel, which won the Best International Hotel Interior award from the London-based International Hotel Awards in 2013.

The group’s newest project is the reconstruction of the Parisi Court. This Hungarian landmark will be transformed into a luxury hotel with shops and restaurants on the ground floor. The hotel is planned to open in 2017.

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