Langham Hospitality Group adopts IDeaS Revenue Management System to enhance pricing performance across Asia-Pacific

SYDNEY and BEJING – October 8, 2012 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting, today announced The Langham – Melbourne, The Langham – Auckland and Langham Place – Beijing Capital Airport in China have turned to IDeaS to boost revenue performance.

In deploying the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) across multiple properties in the region, Langham Hospitality Group has sought to underpin the hotel group’s approach to pricing and revenue management in Asia-Pacific by implementing advanced automated systems that analyze data and enable the hotels to make strategic pricing and inventory management decisions.

Langham Hospitality Group encompasses a family of distinctive hospitality brands which include hotels, resorts, residential serviced apartments as well as restaurants and spas located on four continents. It takes its name from the legendary Langham in London, which was opened in 1865 as Europe’s first Grand Hotel.  Langham Hospitality Group brands include the luxurious Langham and Langham Place, the upscale Eaton Luxe, midscale Eaton Smart and the award-winning Chuan Spa.

“Our group has great ambitions for our developments in Asia Pacific, especially China. Through adopting the state-of-the-art revenue management system from IDeaS, Langham will be able to leverage the emerging opportunities in the region and get solid returns from our business,” said Simon Manning, Vice President – Sales & Marketing of Langham Hospitality Group.

The application of the IDeaS RMS into The Langham – Melbourne, The Langham – Auckland and Langham Place – Beijing Capital Airport in China will deliver each hotel a clear insight into their property’s booking patterns – ensuring occupancy and revenue are maximized now and in the future.

“The Asia Pacific region has one of the fastest growing hospitality markets in the world and also one of the most competitive. For hotel groups to better forecast demand across multiple properties, in multiple countries and ensure overall revenue is being maximised – it is vital that advanced systems are in place. It is a credit to the management at Langham Hospitality Group that they have sought to adopt the IDeaS RMS, which will help them to intelligently price their room inventory and ancillary services, thereby benefitting overall hotel profitability,” said Allan Taylor, Managing Director of Greater China for IDeaS.

In addition to enhancing overall pricing controls at Langham Hospitality Group properties, IDeaS will also be working with the hotel group to reinforce the revenue management culture within individual hotels.

IDeaS is committed to working closely with hotels across the Asia Pacific region to support them in reaching optimal revenue and profit levels by focusing on the development and sustainability of  strong revenue performance for each individual client and their specific needs.