Episode 32: Making Sense of Hotel Data in 2021 with Kalibri Labs

Date Published: December 10, 2020

Welcome back to the Unconstrained Conversations podcast. In this episode, Klaus Kohlmayr speaks with Cindy Estis Green, founder of Kalibri Labs. Cindy has spent most of her professional lifetime uncovering and surfacing data, demystifying the cost of distribution and getting the hotel industry to think differently. In this episode Cindy shares her insights into the state of the industry, how hotels can make sense of the rapidly shifting economic landscape and her view on direct versus indirect distribution opportunities. Topics discussed include:

  • The importance of being mindful of the cost of acquisition and continuing to be selective about the types of business your hotel should accept
  • Kalibri Labs’ launch of predictive forecasting to help hotel organizations with the changes in the budgeting process and changing comp sets
  • The importance of understanding how your organization’s whole business has changed and realigning resources accordingly

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