Episode 37: I’m an Unemployed Revenue Manager—Now What? (with Patrick Wimble)

Date Published: January 28, 2021

Welcome back to the Unconstrained Conversations podcast! This week IDeaS’ chief evangelist Klaus Kohlmayr speaks with Patrick Wimble, founder of Lightbulb Consulting. The pandemic’s impact on travel and hospitality has left many unemployed with seemingly bleak options. In this episode Patrick shares some of the practical advice he gives out-of-work revenue managers and commercial specialists on turning adversity into opportunity. Topics discussed include:

  • How to you set yourself apart from the competition
  • Thinking outside the box in terms of what jobs you are willing to accept
  • Understanding how your skills may transfer to other industries
  • Advice for getting your resume to the top of the pile—and read by a human

Employment resources referenced in this episode:

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