Episode 41: The Ultimate Hotel Tech Talk with Jordan Hollander

Date Published: February 25, 2021

Welcome back to the Unconstrained Conversations podcast! This week, IDeaS’ chief evangelist Klaus Kohlmayr speaks with Jordan Hollander, co-founder & CEO of Hotel Tech Report—the “Tripadvisor” of hospitality technology. If there is one person who knows what’s happening in the hospitality tech ecosystem, its Jordan. The duo discuss:

  • How the hospitality industry will use technology going forward
  • How hotels with the right digital infrastructure can pivot quickly in the face of volatility
  • The importance of clearly evaluating what’s needed from a guest-experience perspective
  • How hotels that come out on top will be the ones with efficient back-end processes
  • The importance of having the right tech infrastructure to pick up on current trends in real time and act fast
  • The tech stack for futureproofing your hotel
  • The evolution of group business in a post-pandemic, work-from-home world

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