Episode 45: Checking the Pulse of Revenue Management – Ulrich Pillau & Klaus Kohlmayr

Date Published: March 25, 2021

Welcome back to the Unconstrained Conversations podcast! On this very special episode the tables are turned and the interviewer, IDeaS’ chief evangelist Klaus Kohlmayr, becomes the interviewee. Ulrich Pillau, CEO & co-founder of Apaleo interviews Klaus on The Pulse by Apaleo: The Voice Of Hospitality Tech Leaders Podcast. We are sharing their insight-packed discussion with you here. Topics addressed include:

  • The future of revenue management coming out of the pandemic
  • The value of revenue management during periods of low demand and how having the right price is now more important than ever
  • How IDeaS was able to recalibrate its revenue management systems to respond to the unprecedented, rapidly changing demand in 2020
  • IDeaS’ product updates to accommodate the future of revenue management
  • How hospitality companies are using the crisis as an opportunity
  • Now is the right time to re-evaluate your business and operations to ensure recovery readiness

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