Amazing Evolution: A Fast-Growing Portfolio Taps into Automated Revenue Optimisation

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  • A small, centralised revenue team managing a fast-growing portfolio
  • Too much data to gather and decisions to be made across multiple properties
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  • Automated decision-making with one single source of the truth
  • Increased access to data across multiple properties
  • More time to focus on growing partnerships and portfolio

The Story

Amazing Evolution manages a 21 independent, full-service properties. With a diverse portfolio, Amazing Evolution manages boutique hotels and larger stays nestled across the coast of Portugal and within the country’s vibrant cities. The company was founded in 2012 and has continued to expand to include a wide array of hospitality experiences with an ongoing commitment to lasting partnerships.

Unlocking New Potential

With a growing number of properties being added to Amazing Evolution’s portfolio, the need for unifying technology began to permeate the small, centralised revenue management team. Led by Sales & Revenue Manager Pedro Pedroso, the team was spending too much time gathering data across multiple properties using a range of property management systems.

Pedroso began the search for an automated revenue management system (RMS) with a robust set of integrations and capabilities to streamline revenue decision-making and adapt to their growing company.

“There were many good RMS options in the market for us to consider, but we decided to go with IDeaS—the most trusted one,” said Pedroso.

We are a small team, so it was important to have a reliable system that we knew would help us save time, access the right data, and make the right decisions, faster.

– Pedro Pedroso, Sales & Revenue Manager at Amazing Evolution

Amazing Evolution made the decision to implement IDeaS into a small number of their properties at first and began the process of standardising their success. They were driven both by the reputation of IDeaS, but also by the array of integrations and functionality to meet the unique needs of each property.

The Key to Success

Implementing IDeaS across multiple hotels required effective communication, both from IDeaS and the team at Amazing Evolution. “We knew it would be a lot of work onboarding multiple properties at the same time, but the team at IDeaS has been amazing and has helped make it as smooth as possible,” said Pedroso.

IDeaS RMS was able to adjust to the needs of each individual property, helping unlock success in areas that previously exhausted the management group’s resources. Pedroso has also seen an overall increase in ADR that he attributes to the new technology.

“Now, we can have the system on autopilot, and it’s much easier to have all our data in one place,” said Pedroso. “Making these decisions is so much faster than before—it’s not comparable.”

Given the success of the implementation, Amazing Evolution chose to continue to roll out IDeaS RMS across its portfolio and is eager to continue this expansion. Amazing Evolution has now partnered with IDeaS in 12 of their 21 properties and sees IDeaS as their single source of revenue truth.