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  • Manual pricing and rate adjustments were labor-intensive processes
  • Growing portfolio of apartments were adding more work to system
  • Lacked insight into consumer long and short-term behaviors
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  • Adding agility in pricing enabled swift reactions to changing market conditions
  • Advanced forecasting capabilities ensured more accurate decisión-making
  • An automated rate adjustment process ensured optimal pricing
  • Recognized patterns in demand led to more personalized guest experiences

Agility in Pricing Enables Brera Apartments to React Swiftly to Market Changes

Founded with the mission to provide long‐stay guests with a home away from home, Brera Apartments has consistently delivered high‐quality stays for business travellers, new job holders, and relocators. Every Brera apartment is equipped with a kitchen and strategically located near employers to facilitate convenience for guests, whose average stay lasts around 30 nights.

However, with a continuously growing number of apartments, the manual pricing and setting restrictions became challenging. The company needed a solution to optimize operations and maintain profitability amid their expansion.

Integrating SIHOT + IDeaS

Brera was able to take advantage of the integration between SIHOT and IDeaS RMS. The integration provided agility in pricing, enabling Brera to swiftly react to changing market conditions.

Additionally, the system offered advanced forecasting capabilities, giving the team a clearer picture of future demand for more strategic decision‐making.

By automating the rate adjustment process, the company transitioned from spending approximately two hours daily on manual rate adjustments to an automated system that adjusted rates in real time based on bookings. This automation drastically reduced the workload of the team and ensured optimal pricing.

“Due to the industry’s rapid growth, manual pricing is no longer an effective or reliable strategy. The effect of our investment has been cumulative, as our hotels are recording higher rates while taking a hands‐off approach to setting them.”

– Amelie Nussdorfer, Revenue Manager at Brera.

Benefits and Outcomes Realized

One of the most significant benefits realized was agility. The IDeaS system’s dynamic pricing capabilities allowed Brera to manage its rates more effectively, balancing the need to attract long‐ stay guests while still capitalizing on short‐term booking opportunities such as trade shows.

The SIHOT.PMS and IDeaS’ integration also delivered a deeper understanding of customer behaviour. This allowed Brera to recognize patterns in demand, contributing to more effective marketing strategies and ultimately, a more personalized guest experience.

Most importantly, by automating manual tasks, Brera’s team could redirect their time and effort toward more strategic initiatives, resulting in a more efficient use of resources.

Moreover,SIHOT and IDeaS’ readily available assistance for queries and robust training programs were instrumental in empowering Brera’s team. It allowed Brera to leverage the full potential of the integrated system effectively.

Agility In Business Segmentation and Revenue Maximization

Before the integration, Brera’s market segmentation lacked depth. Segments were defined, but a thorough analysis was missing, a challenge that was largely due to the limitations of the previous system and the time constraints of manual rate management.

After the integration, SIHOT and IDeaS transformed this approach, making it possible to dissect and understand each segment’s performance in detail. With this granular level of insight, Brera could examine which segments were outperforming, which ones required a boost, and where most of the revenue was coming from.

“Before working with IDeaS, it was challenging to identify our areas for revenue improvement,” said Amelie Nussdorfer, Revenue Manager at Brera.

“Now, thanks to IDeaS’ agile pricing capabilities, we can set independent rates and maximize revenue from various business segments while testing to find our strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this technology, we better understand our business as a whole.”

– Amelie Nussdorfer, Revenue Manager at Brera.

The agility introduced by the system’s independent rate pricing created opportunities to maximize revenue from different business scenarios. By allowing rates to fluctuate independently based on demand, Brera could simultaneously cater to the needs of long‐term guests while capitalizing on high‐demand periods.


The integration of SIHOT and IDeaS brought about a fundamental shift in how Brera approached revenue management, taking it from a manual and labour‐intensive process to an automated one. It not only elevated efficiency levels but also provided the team with actionable insights: indispensable information in today’s data‐driven hospitality sector.