Casa Angelina: Boutique Hotel Boasts Beautiful Results with G3 RMS

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  • Manual processes resulted in missed opportunities and inefficient use of time
  • Limited room inventory places premium on effective pricing strategies
  • Lack of effective business intelligence tools for reporting and analysis
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G3 RMS, Optix for G3 RMS, Consulting
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  • 2023 RevPAR outperformed by 87% compared to pre-pandemic
  • ADR uplift of 78% from 2019 to 2023

The Story

Casa Angelina, a small, 36 room boutique property perched upon the cliffs of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, prides itself on offering softly spoken luxury to guests. As a proud member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Casa Angelina caters primarily to young couples and honeymooners, providing a gorgeous and adults-only getaway destination.

Casa Angelina encountered challenges in optimizing its revenue strategy manually and sought a more strategic and proactive approach to pricing and revenue management. The property faced the challenge of optimizing revenue amid fluctuating demand. Manual approaches to revenue management proved increasingly unsustainable, prompting the need for a more strategic and data-driven solution. In response to these challenges, Casa Angelina, who has long prioritized data-driven approaches, looked to harness the power of technology to elevate its revenue management practices.

They aimed to adopt a more strategic approach to rate management to avoid indiscriminate rate drops during periods of low demand. To do this, the team at Casa Angelina knew they needed the support of technology. It was important for them to choose the right tool that was adaptable and able to support their unique property.

After a meticulous evaluation of RMS options, they forged a partnership with IDeaS.

“What made me confident in approaching IDeaS for the first time was the fact that the system was usable by different types of properties. It works regardless of the number of rooms [you have] or if you’re in a city or leisure destination,”

– Annarita Aprea, Director of Sales and Marketing at Casa Angelina.

Setting a foundation for success with IDeaS consulting expertise

Casa Angelina’s criteria for selecting a Revenue Management System (RMS) extended beyond mere activation; they also aimed to develop and refine a comprehensive revenue management approach. IDeaS’ Business Consulting team played a pivotal role in positioning Casa Angelina for success. The consulting engagement provided a commercial strategy blueprint and ongoing advice to assist with in-depth market analysis, standardizing reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for benchmarking, and helping to define and support their revenue strategy. This customized support ensured that Casa Angelina could effectively navigate their revenue landscape and make informed decisions, ultimately setting them apart in their industry.

The right tools for the job

The advanced forecasting and pricing power of G3 RMS has helped this beautiful boutique property maintain a competitive edge.

Aprea lauds G3 RMS for its adept ability to factor in both internal and external variables when determining pricing strategies. Internally, G3 RMS considers Casa Angelina’s performance metrics, while externally, it analyzes competitive dynamics within the market. This holistic approach ensures that pricing decisions are finely tuned to optimize revenue potential while remaining adaptable to market fluctuations. Additionally, Aprea admires G3 RMS for its adaptive nature allowing it to continually learn and improve over time.

Casa Angelina derives several benefits from leveraging G3 RMS. Firstly, the platform empowers their revenue team to influence general managers and owners with comprehensive and reliable data sets, enhancing decision-making processes. Additionally, they appreciate the ability to examine data from a holistic perspective, through the use of dashboards enabling deeper insights and informed strategies. Moreover, G3 RMS facilitates seamless integration between sales, marketing, distribution, and revenue management, fostering synergy across key operational facets essential for effective modern hospitality management.

Casa Angelina was also seeking to add a business intelligence solution to help guide operations, and they found their match with Optix for G3 RMS. According to Aprea, the team at Casa Angelina uses Optix extensively, and they appreciate its user-friendly interface as well as the ease with which they can dive deeper into data and export it for analysis and reporting. This business intelligence tool has helped to minimize manual reporting efforts and reduce the potential for human error.

“Optix has been a game changer and we couldn’t imagine our business life without it,” said Aprea.

Additionally, functionalities like What-If and Investigator are highlighted as particularly helpful by Casa Angelina as they help the team review influencing factors on G3 RMS’s forecasts and decisions as well as any impacts of adjusting overrides.

Making every room count

The margin for error in small, boutique properties is unforgiving. With 36 rooms on property, Casa Angelina, needed a solution that ensured missed revenue opportunities are few and far between.

Despite their best manual efforts, goals like increasing ADR and strategically growing occupancy were consistently out of reach. By taking a small leap of faith and adopting G3 RMS, previous revenue optimization challenges like managing minimum length of stay requirements became an automated breeze, allowing them to unlock their full revenue potential.

“G3 RMS was important because with the right pricing and the right strategies great results were achieved in a very consistent way,” Aprea said.

Aprea envisions a promising future with IDeaS, expressing satisfaction with the platform’s ability to align with Casa Angelina’s configuration and strategic objectives. They are notably pleased with the pricing outcomes achieved thus far and anticipate another successful year ahead.

“We’ve had a very significant ADR and RevPAR evolution between 2019 and 2023,” Aprea said. “2023 RevPAR outperformed by 87% compared to pre-pandemic and this was driven by ADR increase of 78%.”