Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé’s Director of Revenue Management Builds Trust with G3 RMS

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Luxury Hotel



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• Building trust in G3 RMS
• Justifying forecast-based pricing decisions with internal teams

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• Reaching a perfect sell
• Improved collaboration within commercial team

The Story

Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé stands as an exquisite new addition to Morocco’s capital city, offering an array of 274 accommodations, including rooms, suites, and residences. The property invites you to a peaceful sanctuary, encouraging relaxation as you immerse yourself in Morocco’s captivating charm.

While the property may be brand new, Fairmont Rabat’s Director of Revenue Management, Christelle Quaren, brings a wealth of experience from her tenure at Sofitel Montreal, and her longstanding relationship with G3 RMS over the years. Additionally, Quaren’s recent experience with activating G3 RMS at Fairmont Rabat also revealed a pleasant surprise – a newfound awareness of the variety of helpful RMS features at her disposal. 

Building the Foundation of Trust

Quaren’s initial exposure to G3 RMS occurred at Sofitel Montreal, where she established a solid foundation in understanding its capabilities. However, it was during the implementation at Fairmont Rabat that she discovered the greater depth of its potential. Her trust in G3 RMS, developed through her experiences in Montreal, was founded on its consistent accuracy in forecasting, enabling well-informed decision-making based on hands-on experience.

Quaren recalls a specific instance at Sofitel Montreal where G3 RMS forecasted wash with astounding accuracy, leading to a “perfect sell” of 100% occupancy on the books. During a peak demand period, G3 RMS set the property’s overbooking at 10% of the hotel’s total capacity, causing some understandable concern for Quaren. However, as they got closer to the day of arrival, the number of overbooked rooms steadily started to decrease until the day-of when there were only two rooms overbooked, both of which ended up being no-shows. 

This example showcased the system’s dynamic ability to understand complex variables like cancelations and no shows and generate forecasts that drive success. It was situations like this that solidified Quaren’s confidence in G3 RMS. 

“You can trust the system 100 percent!” says Quaren.

Rediscovered Tools Drive Strategic Collaboration

During the implementation and training period for Fairmont Rabat, Quaren rediscovered the value of the Occupancy and Revenue graph—a powerful visualization tool that allowed her to gain a comprehensive view of the property’s business mix. This tool quickly became a vital asset in understanding and executing her revenue management strategy. Its intuitive design and insightful presentation provides a clear picture of occupancy trends and revenue patterns, enabling her to make more informed decisions.

In addition to the help it provides in building her own strategy, Quaren found that the Occupancy and Revenue graph was a valuable asset in team meetings. By showcasing the property’s business data in an easily digestible format, G3 RMS empowers the hotel team to collaborate effectively to make strategic decisions together based on real-time data, while fostering internal alignment.

“Until now, I never realized how beneficial using the Occupancy and Revenue graph could be. Being able to view the most relevant data for my role and use that information in meetings with my hotel teams is very helpful in executing our market strategy.”

– Christelle Quaren, Fairmont Rabat’s Director of Revenue Management

Guiding Insights Through Innovative Features 

As a user who has seen firsthand the power of G3 RMS, Quaren is not only a satisfied customer, but also an enthusiastic advocate for its innovation. 

For instance, the Investigator tool gives her a deeper understanding of the factors that drive the system’s forecast, helping her to make more informed decisions about pricing. The What-If tool is another valuable resource for Quaren, allowing her to test out the impact of different pricing scenarios before making any changes. Additionally, the ability to selectively exclude market segments from dashboards and reporting is a helpful new feature that saves her time and effort. 

Through her lens, G3 RMS becomes more than just a tool. It is a transformative partner in the journey of revenue optimization, solidifying its reputation as a frontrunner in the realm of innovation.

A Trusted Partner, Worldwide

With the G3 RMS system, Quaren found not only a powerful tool for revenue management but also a trusted partner in her pursuit of the ideal revenue strategy for Fairmont Rabat. 

Quaren’s trust in the G3 RMS system has been instrumental in empowering her decision making and refining her revenue management strategies. From Montreal to Rabat, she has navigated the complexities of forecasting, group management, and occupancy optimization, with each step reinforcing her confidence in the system.