HMH Hotel Group Finds Success with the Right Partnership

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  • A lack of dynamic rates and revenue management expertise
  • Too much time spent on daily rate updates
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  • A more efficient revenue team
  • Increased ADR
  • Increased revenue from online bookings

The Story

The Hospitality Management Holding (HMH) Hotel Group is a pioneer management company with a consistently expanding portfolio across the Middle East and North Africa. HMH is the largest hotel group in the dry sector of this region and works to create optimal experiences for hotels ranging from luxury to budget.

HMH aims to ensure viable economic growth for hotels within its portfolio, meaning they can’t leave revenue on the table. With HMH providing consistent support for a growing number of properties, they rely on partners who can provide excellent solutions, service, and support.

The Need for Revenue Management Automation

Prior to 2018, HMH had been managing revenue via internal spreadsheets, requiring daily manual entry and taking up extensive time. To streamline its revenue management processes, HMH began looking for a software solution that could enhance revenue and save time.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” said Husam Saeed, Director of Revenue for HMH. “You can sit in a meeting for hours giving theories about what the best rate is for a certain day, and you still won’t get it 100 percent correct. This is what a robust revenue management system does for you.”

HMH sought out an automated RMS provider with more than just great software. They wanted a meaningful partnership that could empower their long-term revenue strategy while helping reduce the amount of time spent on daily, tactical decision-making. For this reason, HMH chose IDeaS and implemented its industry-leading G3 RMS.

“We chose IDeaS due to their excellent reputation in revenue management along with their support, tangible results, and guaranteed growth,” said Saeed.

The Results of the Right Partnership

HMH’s partnership with IDeaS was a decision founded on the RMS’s reputation and specific automation tools, such as rate loading and rate shopping. However, the hotel group has found the beauty of IDeaS doesn’t just come from its sophisticated software—it comes from the people.

IDeaS cares as if our hotel is their own. They are hands on, and we feel appreciated. You don’t feel like you are a number.

Husam Saeed, Director of Revenue for HMH

HMH appreciates their monthly calls with their designated IDeaS Client Relationship Manager. Saeed feels they are consistently provided advice that gives HMH a leg up on the competition, increasing daily rates and enhancing his team’s efficiency.

IDeaS has provided exceptional service to create an established relationship with HMH, but it has also helped optimise average daily rate (ADR), and has allowed HMH to lead the market, optimising revenue and pushing them to rank number one in the market for revenue generated index (RGI) and average rate index (ARI).

“Now, we aren’t just following the competition,” said Saeed. “We are leading it.”