Radisson Hotel Group Gains Significant Time Savings Across EMEA with IDeaS RevPlan

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Time-consuming, manual, spreadsheet-based forecasting process

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  • One day a week of time saved per revenue manager with automated efficiencies
  • More resources focused on profitable strategies
  • Estate-wide forecasting and budgeting alignment across all properties and corporate teams

The Story

The Radisson Hotel Group has over 400 properties in operation across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). To help optimize revenue across this large region, Radisson Hotel Group has formed The Club which utilizes centralized revenue teams in strategic locations across EMEA.

Revenue forecasting for Radisson Hotel Group’s EMEA portfolio had become a major obstacle to the hotel chain achieving its goals of greater organization-wide efficiencies and a vision of making total revenue forecasting possible. In order to produce accurate forecasts, each of Radisson Hotel Group’s revenue managers were spending several days per month on manual, spreadsheet-based forecasting processes.

“It is quite difficult to manually collect data and be sure you have the right data every day to create accurate forecasts,” said Hélène Guillemoto, Radisson Hotel Group’s Director of Revenue Management Projects in EMEA. “We wanted to have something fully automated to reduce the significant amount of time spent on forecasting every week by each revenue manager.”

A Time-Savings Breakthrough

As part of its forward-looking strategy, Radisson Hotel Group implemented IDeaS RevPlan across 147 of its EMEA properties. RevPlan is a total revenue forecasting and budgeting tool built to transform how hotel organizations forecast and plan rooms, food & beverage and other lines of business to drive greater profitability.

Automated technology is the key to gaining valuable time in our operations and making life easier. RevPlan allows us to be nimbler than we ever could be working manually out of spreadsheets, and the tool integrates very well with IDeaS G3 RMS.

– Matthieu Lafaurie, Head of The Club & Revenue Projects at Radisson Hotel Group

Since implementing RevPlan, Radisson Hotel Group has experienced a time-savings breakthrough thanks to the tool’s intelligent automation. This, in turn, has given Radisson Hotel Group’s revenue management teams more bandwidth to focus on profitable strategies.

“RevPlan has freed up almost one day a week of our revenue managers’ time,” said Gianni Di Fede, Radisson Hotel Group’s Senior Vice President of Revenue Management, BI & Distribution in EMEA. “What we previously did on a daily basis, segment by segment, we now only have to focus on the exceptions and calibrate as necessary. This gives us more time for strategy, and more time for strategy means more profitability.”

A Single Source of Truth

RevPlan provides forecast clarity and ease of use to Radisson Hotel Group’s entire EMEA organization, including revenue managers and general managers as well as corporate executives and finance leaders. This has allowed Radisson Hotel Group to break down silos and enhance teamwork with a single source of truth.

“RevPlan enables an aligned corporate process,” said Guillemoto. “It’s easy to share insights from the tool with each individual property as well as our finance team.”

RevPlan gives Radisson Hotel Group’s leaders the ability to make smart, long-term business decisions by understanding the projected financial impact of proposed changes to strategy and tactics. Moving forward, RevPlan will continue to play a pivotal role in enabling Radisson Hotel Group to achieve its vision of total revenue forecasting.

“RevPlan empowers revenue managers to be the guardians of total revenue optimization,” said Di Fede, “applying data-driven, dynamic forecasting to all revenue streams, including rooms, food and beverage and meetings and events.”