Staycity Aparthotels – Early Adopters of IDeaS Optix for G3 RMS

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  • Optimizing a cluster revenue management approach across a fast-growing portfolio
  • Manual data collection and analysis leading to outdated, inaccurate estate-level revenue performance insights and reports
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Optix for G3 RMS, built on Amazon Web Services
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  • Elevated the strategic and analytical skills of the cluster revenue management team
  • Eliminated at least ten hours of manual data analysis tasks per week.
  • Provided an accurate and reliable source of the truth for all levels of the organization

The Story

Staycity Aparthotels offers the perfect blend of home and hotel. With nearly 30 aparthotels—and growing fast—Staycity is strategically positioned in many of Europe’s most attractive destination markets.

But an expanding portfolio and unique hospitality business model requires granular commercial intelligence and data-driven strategies to succeed, especially when it comes to revenue management. Paula Mullaney, Commercial Director, and Emma Buckley, Head of Revenue Management, oversee Staycity’s revenue team. They’ve leveraged IDeaS since 2014 to optimize their cluster revenue management approach, assigning one revenue manager to every four to seven aparthotels.

Staycity’s manual processes for conducting portfolio-wide data analysis were time-consuming but necessary, taking time away from strategy.

An All-Seeing, All-Knowing Data Solution

In early 2021, IDeaS presented Staycity with its latest innovation: Optix, a cloud-based reporting and analysis module for its G3 Revenue Management System (RMS), which leverages Amazon Web Services. Optix gives time-crunched hoteliers a quick, clear view of revenue performance and pace trends, from single properties to entire estates. Since its market launch, it’s become the best friend of cluster revenue managers everywhere, enabling them to quickly see the big picture and drill down as needed.

“We have studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments—they all have to be strategically managed to impact the overall results,” said Paula. “Optix makes it extremely easy to see the impact.”

IDeaS worked to swiftly implement Optix across Staycity’s portfolio, integrating the module seamlessly with their existing G3 RMS installs. To ensure speedy adoption, IDeaS also provided one-to-one strategic support from an IDeaS industry consultant, who created tailored workshops that helped Staycity maximize their new technology investment.

The hands-on guidance we received has been instrumental in our success with Optix,” said Emma. “The workshops were fantastic and a positive coaching experience for us all. The entire IDeaS team we worked with has the right background and understood what we needed at every level.

A Commercial & Operational Breakthrough

Optix, built on AWS, has become the revenue team’s go-to first thing each day, but I’m using it every day as well, in every meeting, along with the other heads of our commercial team in Ireland, France, Italy, and Germany. We are all seeing Optix as our one source of the truth.

Paula Mullaney, Commercial Director at Staycity Aparthotels

In just a few months’ time, Optix has become a mission-critical tool for Staycity’s commercial team. The use of Amazon Compute Cloud and Amazon Relational Database services not only provides the highest level of performance and stability, but they also provide a framework (thanks to AWS) that allows Optix to make changes as quickly as clients need them.

The easy-to-use analysis and custom reporting have provided significant time savings and elevated their organization-wide capabilities to be more confidently strategic than ever before.

“I would say it’s easily cut out 10 hours of work a week for me alone,” said Paula without hesitation.

“Also, the ability to enhance the skill set of our teams has been one of the core values gained,” said Emma. “The ease of use of the tool has given the revenue team so much more time for analysis. They want to allocate certain times every day to make sure they’re using it because they get excited about it and want to see how they’ve improved. It’s definitely changed their working day and given them more time to be a lot more strategic.”

As Staycity continues to rapidly expand its portfolio across Europe, targeting 18,000 apartments by 2026, IDeaS and AWS will be right there with them, enabling a scalable approach to their commercial growth strategy. By leveraging AWS services, Optix will continue to help StayCity dynamically scale as quickly and as sustainably as possible.

Optix provides Staycity’s cluster revenue management team with greater visibility into granular, real-time trends at an enterprise level.

More on AWS

AWS architecture includes AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Relational Database Service, and Amazon Simple Storage Services.

When combined with IDeaS Optix, AWS helps hospitality professionals uncover trends in their data and conduct real-time analysis across properties, segments, and rate codes.