IDeaS helps The Dunhill Hotel achieve a 36.2% gross profit increase.

Smoothly Adopting Revenue Automation

With 60 rooms, 68 staff members and an onsite gourmet restaurant, The Dunhill Hotel generates staggering volumes of data. According to Director of Revenue Management Strategy Jason Edwards, manual data analysis duties were consuming an inordinate amount of his team’s time every day, while creating ongoing issues with over-pricing and under-pricing room rates.

Edwards and his team chose to adopt an automated revenue solution to make daily pricing decisions more quickly and accurately. “After reviewing various systems, we decided IDeaS Revenue Management System was the best fit for our hotel, company and strategy moving forward,” Edwards said.

During year one of IDeaS Revenue Management System adoption, The Dunhill Hotel has realized double-digit percentage gains in a variety of key metrics, improving profitability and competitiveness. The hotel was also among the first to implement the IDeaS Reputation Pricing module, which makes it possible to account for real-time guest sentiment and hotel reputation when determining rates.

“IDeaS Revenue Management System has improved occupancy levels on shoulder nights, and it has also helped us control our peak nights,” Edwards said. “We’re now bringing more to the bottom line.”

Since adopting IDeaS Revenue Management System, The Dunhill Hotel has achieved a 36.2% year-over-year increase in gross operating profit, plus a revenue increase of 10% on Sundays, 18% on Mondays, and 30% to 34% Thursday through Saturday.